What I want to see in the iPad 2
Well, we all know that Apple will be holding an event on Tuesday. But what will they release. Apple conquered the tablet market back in 2010 when the original iPad was releases and the hype is now building up. Well it’s rumoured that the iPad 2 will be released with a late March or early April availability. The following are the five things I want to see in the iPad 2
New, faster Processor
Well this is a must if they want the iPad 2 to be a huge hit. Some android tablets have dual core processors so if apple want to be the “top dog” then the processor has to be majorly improved.
Dual cameras
Apple really loves FaceTime. In fact they said that by the end of 2010, 10 million people would be using it. They have already added to their Desktops, Laptops, iPhones and iPod touches. So why not the iPad as well. Following MacRumors there will not be one camera but two. This makes total sense, especially if apple want to compete with the other tablets
Higher resolution display
After seeing what the iPhone and iPod touches great Retina display has to offer, it’s obvious that the iPad will receive a similar upgrade if not better. Anything higher than the current display is brilliant at this point. According to rumour sites we could be seeing a bump as high as 2048 × 1526. That’s just insane.
SD card slot
All this would be is a built in iPad Camera Connection Kit. The Apple’s Camera Connection Kit is great but it’s just one more accessory to carry around and lose. Having the SD Card slot would make life so much easier.
Lighter, Thinner and Refreshed design
Lets all admit it, the iPad isn’t the lightest device to carry around. While they are other heavy tablets to carry around they are also other lighter ones. So a design refresh is a must if the iPad wants to remain unique.
That’s it for this article but stayed tuned for a guide on Jailbreaking your IOS device in a few weeks. If you have any other suggestions then say so in the comments.
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