These are some of the latest viable alternatives to the iPhone 4 platform. Why wouldn’t you want a iPhone 4?  It has the most market share in the United States. Well here are 5 reasons why you wouldn’t want the iPhone 4:

  • Price-The iPhone 4 is available at £35 a month on a 24 month contract. Don’t you think that is a little too expensive for your liking. I mean you could buy a car for £500.
  • Customisability- Are you the type of person who likes to customise your phone? Well, with the iPhone 4 you can’t customise your ring tone. Also you cant customise the layout of the phone to your specific/individual needs/requirements
  • Battery Life-Well this is terrible, I hardly use my iPhone and it hardly lasts me all day. Are you one of those users who uses your iPhone all day and require it for a business. Then the iPhone 4 will defiantly not suit your needs
  • Serious hardware design flaw- Are you the type of person who requires reception in all areas, well the iPhone 4 will defiantly not suit your position. It has a serious design flaw that makes you lose reception and drop calls
  • Syncing Issue- Many people claim that Apple’s syncing is not very good. Well I agree. You have to connect the device to your computer every time you want to sync your device. I mean Apple could sure automate and make this process wireless.

Below are the iPhone 4 alternatives

  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • HTC Desire HD
  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC HD7
  • HP Palm Pre 3
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