These are some of the latest viable alternatives to the iPhone 4 platform. Why wouldn’t you want a iPhone 4?  It has the most market share in the United States. Well here are 5 reasons why you wouldn’t want the iPhone 4:

  • Price-The iPhone 4 is available at £35 a month on a 24 month contract. Don’t you think that is a little too expensive for your liking. I mean you could buy a car for £500.
  • Customisability- Are you the type of person who likes to customise your phone? Well, with the iPhone 4 you can’t customise your ring tone. Also you cant customise the layout of the phone to your specific/individual needs/requirements
  • Battery Life-Well this is terrible, I hardly use my iPhone and it hardly lasts me all day. Are you one of those users who uses your iPhone all day and require it for a business. Then the iPhone 4 will defiantly not suit your needs
  • Serious hardware design flaw- Are you the type of person who requires reception in all areas, well the iPhone 4 will defiantly not suit your position. It has a serious design flaw that makes you lose reception and drop calls
  • Syncing Issue- Many people claim that Apple’s syncing is not very good. Well I agree. You have to connect the device to your computer every time you want to sync your device. I mean Apple could sure automate and make this process wireless.

Below are the iPhone 4 alternatives

  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • HTC Desire HD
  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC HD7
  • HP Palm Pre 3
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  • Brooks Agnew

    Iphone ringtones won’t sync from PC


    This is one of the most common design flaws in the IPhone. After weeks of pouring through thousands of threads and posts a dozen layers deep in google searches, the solution still has not been found. Ringtones cannot be sync’d from Itunes to the Iphone 3g.

    Ringtones can be bought, downloaded, and/or created and played in ITunes just fine. We figured out how to create the ringtone folder (the drag-and-drop method), and we figured out how to convert ringtones to M4r format (the desktop-rename-drag-to-ITunes method). They show up in the ringtones folder, and the sync boxes are all faithfully checked. Sync until the cooling fan blows, and you will still have the same old crappy ringtones that came with the IPhone.

    The simple joy of adding ringtones to the IPhone is not to be enjoyed by millions of owners. Any owner of Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, and Droid can do it seconds without any hacking skills at all. IPhone can’t do it. Go figure.

    The person who figures out how to hack the IPhone where it will sync ringtones with a PC will be wealthy beyond measure. So, please please share this darkest most evasive secret with me. Just between you and me; how can Itunes ringtones sync from a PC to the IPhone?

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