Want a smart phone. Don’t know which one to choose. Well in this article I will give yuo 5 reasons why you should upgrade to the iPhone 4

  • Simplicity- Well, it’s a proven fact. The iPhone 4 is one of the most simplest phones to use on earth. My 2 year old cousin can pick it up and start using Youtube. When I first bought my iPhone 4 I didn’t even have to take a look at the manual. Apple don’t even include a instruction booklet with the iPhone. Instead they provide a 2 page leaflet named “Finger Tips”
  • Good Specification- Lets face it-No one wants quad core technology in a phone if there is no use for it. Apple have been clever and put a lower specification A4 Processor in there and under clocked to save battery life. My iPhone has never lost any speed even with that processor.
  • High Resolution Screen-The iPhone 4 has the highest resolution screen ever seen on a phone.960 by 640 pixel is the highest resolution ever made. It also has 326 PPI. Apple call this The “Retina” display. The display is so pixel friendly that a human eye can not see all the pixels. The Human Retina can only see 300 pixels at close distances so the iPhone 4 is well over.
  • “It Just works”- As Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs would say. Well the iPhone 4 does just work. You don’t have to configure IP address settings when you want to get onto the internet. Instead it is just all automated.Therefore creating a great browsing atmosphere for the user
  • Easy Setup- The iPhone 4 is one of the easiest phones I have ever set up! All you do is have to connect it to iTunes and it will sync over all your contacts, music, photos and email settings. If you are the owner of a previous iPhone then all your app’s and settings will also be transferred over.

These are the 5 reasons I bought the iPhone 4. Let me know in the comments why you bought one?

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