WWDC Sold out in 10 Hours!

Apple have announced their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) ¬†last week. They priced it at ¬£1000*(at time of conversion) to go to the event. The event has been given a date of 6th-10th April. To attend the event you had to be a valid Apple developer. The Event comes after tons of Rumours of the iPhone 5. The event has sold out in under 10 hours. This is great improvement for Apple. WWDC of 2010 sold out in 8 days so it has been a huge improvement. The event will be hald at Apple’s usual place, the Moscone West building. Last year over 5200 attendees attended!

Despite the event just being announced their has been tons of rumours on what will be announced. Apple’s site claim that “it will be the future of Mac OS X and IOS. Accoring to macrumors we wont see a iphone 5 till quarter 1 of 2012. Check back soon to get my views on what will be announced.

Apple WWDC Headquarters

Apple HQ in Cupertino where the WWDC will be held.

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