The Success of Android

Some research recently appeared online that shows that Google’s Android operating system has significant market share in the US but, this is not the case in other parts of the world including the UK.

There are several reasons as to why Android would have a larger market share in the US. These include more phones which means more choice and also Android is on all US major carriers yet iPhone is only on 2. This is not the same in the UK as iPhone is on all of the same major networks as Android. Also, the iPhone costs the same amount of money as Android phones on contract so there is no price advantage. In terms of pay as you go, the iPhone 4 starts at £510 which although is a lot of money, the Samsung Galaxy S2 costs around the same price which again gives Android little price advantage in terms of customers who want high end smartphones.

Android should focus on the mid range consumers if it wants to be more successful in the UK. If a customer wants a high end smartphone, the chances are that they will fall for the Apple brand but if they want a mid range smartphone, Apple has no products to offer and this is where Android could come into play and dominate the mid range market.

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