iCloud is Apple’s brand new cloud based service. It was released at wwdc 2011. Steve Jobs released it on stage while also talking about IOS5 and also OS X Lion. iCloud will be released in fall. It will be a free service for all users. Below are the five different contexts that iCloud supports.

  • Photos-iCloud will stream all your photos to your Apple TV. It also sends photos instantly taken from your iPhone. iPod Touch and/or iPad. This is done wirelessly after a photos/video has been taken.
  • iTunes Match-iTunes Match is Apple’s online music streaming service. It allows users to upload their music on-line to the iCloud service. It costs $25 a year for US users. UK prices haven’t been announced yet. However the good thing  is that when you upload your music Apple  “matches” it and therefore it is not uploaded. Music files that are not found on iTunes server’s will be uploaded. If Apple do have it they will give you a DRM free iTunes copy of the song.
  • iTunes in the cloud-iTunes in the cloud is exactly what it sounds like. With iTunes in the cloud you can download music purchased on your iPhone directly on your iPad for free/no charge.
  • iBooks- iBooks is wirelessly syncing of all your books,bookmarks and even notes directly to other devices. Apple even conduct a daily backup of all your content so that it is backed up.
  • Revamped Mail, Calendars and Contacts- Apple have gone back to school for this keynote and revamped Mail, Calendars and even Contacts. They are far more integrated with the actual apps written for the mobile devices. Another big pointer that received a huge cheer from the crowd is that Mobile Me is now free. Yes, you heard that correctly, Mobile Me is now free.

So according to me iCloud is very good based cloud service with some great functionality. What did you think-Let me know in the comments

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