Apple released ios 5 at this years world wide developers conference (wwdc). IOS  is the operating systems that Apple’s mobile devices use and over the years Apple has been trying hard to polish it off. Over 200 million ios (according to wwdc 2011) so Apple has been trying to add new features in every version. Apple are the number 1 mobile operating system gaining just over 44%.IOS 5 has over 1500 new APIs and over 200 new user features. Below are the ten aspects that Apple updated:

  • Notifications-Apple have pushed over 100 billion notifications. Apple released “notification centre”. You can get to it by swiping from the top of your ios device downwards and it has all of your notifications from your apps and messages and emails. Apple have also improved the lock screen. You can now see more information  about your notifications. You can swipe through the notification to get to that specific app.
  • News stand Apple recently added subscriptions to the iBook store. Many book publishers have signed up to support this feature. News papers downloaded from store will download straight into news stand. They will also be updated automatically and downloaded for offline viewing
  • Twitter-Twitter recently released it’s music service. Apple have integrated Twitter into the core of the iPhone. They have also added the option to tweet photos from the photos app, YouTube from the YouTube app and so on. Twitter will even sync your contact details and photos.
  • Safari-Safari is the most used mobile web browser. Apple have added reader in the next version. Reader get’s the rss feed of the site and presents whole stories-Not just snapshots. They also released Reading List. That is like a to do list but for all the articles and pages that you want to browse. Lastly in Safari they have added tabbed browsing. This looks absolutely beautiful and “just works”
  • Reminders-This is a brand new app. The reminders app not only gives you a list of the tasks you set but also a notification. The reminders also sync with iCal for Mac and Outlook for Windows.
  • Camera-The iPhone is marked as having one of the best mobile camera’s out there. Also according to wwdc 2011 more photos are uploaded to Flikr than any other camera out there, And that is normal camera’s as well.Apple have added a short cut near  the “slide to unlock”. They have also added the option to take a picture by pressing the top volume rocker button. The camera also now loads faster. They is also a new option to add grid lines to help stabilize your image/photo.You can also now edit your photos on your device. You can crop and even remove red eye
  • Mail-Its official-Mail is the most used app on the ios platform. Apple are adding rich text formatting so you can bold, italic and underline text.You can even indent text so it looks nicer. They have also added draggable addresses so you can drag the “from” to the “cc” and “bcc” and so on.They also added the support to flag and unflag messages. You can also now search all the messages on your phone and on your mail server.
  • PC free-Apple’s devices are now totally pc free. When you buy a new iPhone no longer do you have to go through the iTunes process.You are instantly greeted with a welcome screen and can set it up and activate it directly from the device. Software updates have also been made over the air. Your ios device will alert you when a new version is available and you can upgrade straight away to it.
  • Game Center-IOS is the most popular gaming platform on the platform. Apple have over 100,000 apps on their app store in the gaming and entertainment category.They also have around 50 million users. They are adding photos, achievement’s and also friend and game recommendations.
  • iMessages-iMessages is Apple’s new message system. you can now send messages from any ios device supporting ios 5. iMessages are completely free and you can send texts,photos,videos but also new powerful features such as delivery receipts. They are also pushed to all your devices.

Overall I think IOS 5 is a solid upgrade. It will be available free for all users in Fall. Personally I think that it will be available with the iPhone 4s/5.

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