Review: iPhone 4

My first review.

In my opinion the iPhone is the best phone going! As everyone is well aware the iPhone 4 is no small thing to review. The iPhone 4 is certainly no exception , in fact, it may be Apple’s most successful launch yet. It’s a lot to live up to, and the iPhone 4 is doing its best, with features like a super-fast A4 CPU, a new front-facing camera and five megapixel shooter on the back, a completely new industrial design, and that  Retina Display.

By now you should know that iPhone 4 has an all-new display. Apple is calling the LED backlit, 960 x 640 IPS screen the “Retina Display” due to its high resolution and pixel density. At the same 3.5-inches as the older screens, the new display manages an incredible 326ppi pixel density along with an 800:1 contrast ratio.

FaceTime is one of my favourite things on the iPhone. My Dad was in Germany a couple days ago. And we couldnt get in touch. But because of FaceTime I could talk to him everyday!Technically speaking, actually making calls is straight forward; You can switch to a FaceTime chat while you’re already connected, or you’re given an option to launch right into a FaceTime connection. I Was a little surprised by the fact that you can only mute the audio on your calls; If you want the video off, you need to cover the lens in the old fashioned way, with your hands.


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