Review: iOS App Know Skateboarding

Know Skateboarding is a iOS app in the app store. It is a great app and teaches you how to skateboard. I personally have no knowledge of skateboarding and this app makes me want to go and buy a skateboard. The app is over 280MB so it does take quite a while to download however it does depend on your internet speed.

The app gives you advice on how to skateboard and is nicely organised into different categories, For example Beginner and Advanced. The app has lots of short breif videos which you can watch to find out more about skateboarding.

The app is well designed and is very easy to use and navigate around. I have had no issues with it crashing or freezing. The app is also very well optimised for iOS which makes it a joy to get into and actually use unlike other iOS apps.

The app cost’s $4.99 which is a little bit expensive but defiantly worth it if you are serious about skateboarding or just willing to learn a few new tricks.

Below is a image of the main screen.

Know Skareboarding Main Screen

Know Skareboarding Main Screen

Over all it is a great app and we would rate it a solid 9/10. It is a great app. Huge thanks to Rob at MEDL Mobile for providing it to us for no chage

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