Review of 2011

It’s the end of the year, but before we get too excited about what’s to come next, lets take a breather, let those mince pies break down and glance back at 2011.

In the real world, the Arab Spring was in full flow and an estimated 2 billion people worldwide tuned in to watch William Windsor and Kate Middleton become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Meanwhile, in the far more important area of consumer technology, this is what we were writing about on Pocket-lint.

Fooled you!

As ever, the month began with the web’s creative takes on how to have by far and away the silliest day in the technology calendar. 2011 saw a MacBook with phone dock, Google writing in Comic Sans and even a pair of tickets for the Royal Wedding up for grabs on Groupon.


As ever, ThinkGeek managed to confuse the April Fool’s issue by coming up with yet another creation that the public wanted to become true. Sadly, the Playmobil Apple Store has never, and probably will never, see the light of day in the same way that the iCade and Tauntaun sleeping bag managed to.

Super thin

Samsung launched its super-powerful, super-thin, super-smooth laptop, the Samsung Series 9. Made from the same material as put inside fighter jets and backed by celebrity sportsman Alastair Cook, fresh from an Ashes victory, it was little surprise that this 1.31kg machine was going to be only for those who could afford. £1,299 is what it takes.

Newsstand Boy?

Twenty-six years on, the cult 80s classic game Paperboy returned for free for all to play as an iOS app. Sadly, as with many of these retro titles, the enjoyment is really all about taking a pedal down memory lane with some of the touchscreen gameplay leaving little to be desired. Still, always nice getting Grifter to chuck papers through windows. It still feels naughty.

A white April

After nearly a year of waiting, the white iPhone 4 finally turned up for sale on 28 April 2011. Like a kind of mobile version of Marmite, it either meant the world to you or you just couldn’t figure out what all the fuss had been about. We’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself.

Noking on heaven’s door

At the same time, Nokia appeared at its very lowest in April 2011 when one week it made attempts to calm nerves by updating a stream of Symbian powered handsets, such as the X7pictured below, only a matter of days later to drop the ailing mobile OS and 7,000 employees in the process. Hard times.

Blocks of eight

Fresh from the success of the likes of Batman and Indiana Jones, Lego jumped on the 2010/11 bandwagon and brought out a Pirates of the Caribbean game for land lubbers to enjoy on consoles around the world.


The tablet PC craze took a budget turn as the likes of Acer, Viewsonic and Hannspree got in on the Android act. We went hands-on with the Froyo powered Hannspree SN10T1 which still managed to pack a Tegra 2 chipset while keeping the price down to a reasonable €349.

White House not cool

President Obama confessed to the press that the technology inside the Oval Office is seriously disappointing. With particular attention to the backwards phone systems, he also rued a missing screen which ought to pop up at the flick of a switch. Presumably, there’s no big red button either.

Cisco kills Flip

In probably the second most shocking piece new of the year, Cisco, parent company of Flip Video, decided to stop the business entirely. No one ever got to the bottom of why Cisco didn’t even trying to sell on the market leading pocket camcorder maker but it must have had its reasons. Answers on a postcard, please.


Pentax decided to take a fresh and slightly hideous approach to popularizing its faltering DSLR range by sprucing up the outer of the Pentax K-r mid-range snapper. With the most palatable the standard camo colour pictured below, the other four versions looked more like they should have been appearing in a Snow video. 

Royal flush

Kate and Wills themed gadgets, technology and even web services went completely nuts in the build up to the Royal Wedding. We put a giant lasso around the lot. Our personal favourite has to be the double door fridge pictured below but the Union Jack coffee table would do us proud too.

I like Steve Jobs just where he is

April saw one or two particularly inventive iPhone cases the like of which we’d never seen before. The best was probably this homage to Return of the Jedi with the Apple supremo pictured frozen in carbonite. Another cracking effort was the HipstaCase from the retro photography camera app, Hipstamatic.

Cool Pool

A £39,000 glass pool table went on sale on The G-1 Glass Pool Table is made of 15mm thick floating sheer glass table top, lightweight metals and, of course, features a ball return system that you can actually watch in action.

Virgin territory

With nearly as much depth range in feet as the G1 will cost you in pounds, Richard Branson’s latest exploration vessel hit the headlines with plans to get down as far as the Marianna Trench. The Virgin Oceanic Sub will hold just one passenger with enough life support for 24 hours but there are plans to get the public involved with later models.

Call of the Dead

The enormous gaming franchise that is Call of Duty, treated its fans to some gruesome fun by releasing the Call of the Dead downloadable content package which presented the same game but in a rather macabre light. Teaming up with horror and action stars Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo, they invented a zombie level to the Black Ops game. So, just how do you kill those who are already dead?

Flippin’ ‘ell!

Seven million YouTube users did backflips over Joonas Jokinen and the most audacious penalty kick manouever ever attempted. The 16-year-old player at FC Baar in Switzerland has since represented his native Finland at U16 level and, with any luck, we’ll be seeing him at the World Cup one day to humiliate our national side in traditional penalty shoot-out style.

Apple No.1

Apple overtook Microsoft for the first time in recent years as the most profitable technology company in the world. Raking in figures of $5.99 billion in the first quarter of 2011, $760 million more than Microsoft’s $5.23 million, Jobs Inc. cemented its position as the top tech outfit around.

Oh my *$@%!

The world-winning Samsung Galaxy S II arrived in style as Pocket-lint did its best to extol the virtues of what became the best mobile phone of 2011 while hurtling towards the Earth from 12,000ft in the air. The stunt was part of a series of extreme unboxing videos as organised by Samsung.

A whole new hole

Four years on Portal 2, the sequel to the 2007 cult hit video game, hit the shelves. With the addition of big budget ideals like a plot and script, the new game went down a treat with the die hard fans of the original and brought more staying power to what had originally been a bonus in the Orange Box.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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