iOS vs Android

If you follow tech or are even interested in it, you’ve probably wondered “iOS or Android ?”

Well there is no clear answer to this question or a winner in this war,because both excel in their own fields.

Android Pros & Cons :

Pros :

  • Android clearly has the upper hand in personalization which is for people who like to play with their phone.
  • No matter how much Apple’s calls it “multi-taksing” it can’t beat the seemless experience provided by Google in Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • It is a open source, ie: life without walls or limitations.
  • Widgets & Live wallpapers ! It is the best ever way to dress your homescreen or impress people.

Cons :

Everything has a downfall to it & so does Android

  • Android is a open source, but doesn’t mean that it’s all good ! Being a open source means that your phone is really vulnerable t0 malware.
  • The beautiful widgets & live wallpapers is a blessing to use but a lot of load on a battery.
  • Making it personalizable doesn’t mean that its easy to operate.
  • Live wallpapers,Widgets ,etc may make your phone lag.

iOS Pros & Cons :


  • It is very simple to use.
  • It just is very smooth & fluent in anything it does.
  • The appstore is a huge +1
  • It is regular in receiving updates.


  • For every sync purpose you have to connect to iTunes.
  • It just gets boring looking at the same interface.
  • Multi-tasking is just not fun.


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