Review: Boxhead iOS app

Boxhead is a game available in the Apple App store for £1.99. The game is created by MEDL Mobile  and is absolutely awesome.

It has great graphic’s which are optimised for the iPhone and make full use of the stunning retina display. The game, Boxhead is not for the intense gamer but is absolutely great for anyone wanting to pick up their iPhone and have a quick game to play.

The game is about killing zombies. As you advance through the level’s you unlock more gun’s and the game get’s harder. The actual premise of the game is very simple. The more zombies you kill the more point’s you get. As you get more point’s you can unlock more gun’s. The game also get’s harder and more difficult as you climb through the level’s.

Below is a screenshot of the game in action

Boxhead Gameplay

Boxhead Gameplay

As you can see from the picture zombies keep appearing and therefore the game is very interesting.

Overall I would give the game a 9/10. It is a very good game and very enjoyable.  Huge thanks to Rob Shoesmith at MELD Mobile for providing us this game to review.


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