iPad 3 Rumors

Its been almost a year since the iPad 2 was released. So It’s nearly time for the next generation.. The iPad 3!

The Internet is swarming with rumours about the new iPad 3 processor, display and camera. Of course some of these can be lies? But there’s definite patterns occurring  and I would expect that the release date for the final iPad 3 won’t be that far removed from many of these rumours.

Release date?

That’s one thing everyone is talking about! It looks like the date will be April/ May 2012, with an announcement coincide with the new release of IOS 5.1

The Apple iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor

It’s likely that the iPad 3 will have a brand  new processor, Apple’s A6 – which will surely be a quad-core ARM-based processor. Quad-core designs are coming from various ARM partners and the Tegra 3 has  been launched by Nvidia, as well as the Snapdragon S4 from Qualcomm.

Apple iPad 3 display

A retina display was predicted for the iPad 2, but of course the current iPad doesn’t have a double-resolution display: for now, that’s something you’ll only get in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Could an iPad 3 Retina Display be on the way? It’s the very first thing on our iPad 3 wish list.

The awsome news is that it looks as though it is happening, with Apple apparently testing suppliers’ current shipments of 2048 x 1536 resolution 9.7-inch displays. Now that iBooks 2 has been launched (as of 19 January 2012),we’ve also seen further references to 2x iPad screen images – these will, most likely, be for iPad 3.

However, it’s not always been plain sailing for the display – rumours continued over the summer and autumn of 2011 that the retina display in the iPad 3 was continuing to be a challenge.

Back in May 2011, we reported that the iPad 3 could launch with a Samsung-made AMOLED screen, following rumours that Apple was in talks on the matter with Samsung execs. There have also been more LG and Samsung rumours, too.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal in late November 2011, Sharp will manufacture panels for the device. Apparently Apple is investing in infrastructure at Sharp’s LCD plant. Further rumours said that Apple is looking to implement some nifty dual LED lightbar technology into the iPad 3, apparently in a bid to counter-balance the brightness issue that the Apple tablet may have, due to its super-high pixel density.

A part leak in early December again pointed to a Sharp-manufactured 2048×1536 retina display and dual lightbar.

Will the iPad 3 have a smaller dock connector?

Parts previewed on some websites indicate that, although the iPad 3 will still have a 30 pin dock connector, the packaging is streamlined. Well, if this is true, we knew it would happen sooner or later.

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