Samsung Ultrabook

In this world everyone wants something that’s durable,fast,battery efficient & stylish which need was then satisfied by Apple’s MacBook Air, but what about the Windows folks ? They were blessed with another amazing product from Samsung, the Series 9 ultrabook.

If you’ve seen any of Microsoft’s ad’s on TV, this ultrabook is in spotted in every one of them !

The outside of the machine is made of something known as Duralumin, the same material used on a advanced aircraft or fighter planes. It is twice stronger & yet lighter than 3 pounds !

  • As you know that Samsung is very well known for it’s screens & this ultrabook has a gorgeous screen with 400 nit brightness, upto 16 million colors & HD LED Backlit anti-glare display.
  • It has a Intel Core i5 processor which allows get a amazingly fast performance for a device this thin.
  • It has a 128 GB SSD, which ideal for travelling as SSD’s do not have different parts like the ones that you find in a HDD which is found in our everyday laptops. Thus, decreases the chances of loosing data.
  • It also produces very less noise & decreased heat output. SSD consumes less power & gives out a vey impressive battery life.
  • Due to the SSD you don’t have to shutdown your computer, just close the lid & it will go in a powerless standby mode.
  • You can start your laptop within 3 seconds !
  • It also has 7 hours of batterylife.
  • It also has a stylish keyboard, which supports multi touch-gestures !

After all these impressive specs packed inside it, it just weighs 2.88 pounds !

This is hands down the best Windows Ultrabook.

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