Samsung Galaxy S III arriving with 4.8-inch display and ceramic back with concurrent worldwide launch!

On the eve of Mobile World Congress, what better than to hear some rumours about Samsung‘s potential flagship device of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S III?




Sources close to BGR suggest that Samsung has delayed the release of the flagship device for one main reason; they plan to release the phone in over 50 markets at the same time. This is huge news and one could argue, they are taking an almost Apple like approach. This is certainly a valid reason as to why Samsung will keep schtum about the Galaxy SIII during Mobile World Congress this coming week.

Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III (Image Credit: BGR)

In addition to this reason, the display is rumoured to be 4.8 inches, relatively larger than the 4.3 inches of its predecessor the Galaxy S2 and less than the 5 inch Galaxy Note. In regards to the type of display it’s rumoured to be “Super Amoled HD Plus” or whatever crazy and long name Samsung can come up with. Going back to the size, there is definitely a trend this year, being referred to as the “phablet” and generally consumers really don’t see the point of having such a huge display on the phone as it just makes it harder to hold.

It’s pretty much a certified fact that the main mobile device trend this year is quad core processors and speculation is rife that the Galaxy S3 will definitely include such a powerful processor, whether this actually materializes remains to be seen. LTE is pretty much guaranteed on the S3, which would allow for faster data transfer speeds and obviously the camera will be revamped, most likely 8.0 Megapixels, capable of full 1080p HD recording at 30 frames a second.

The most interesting tidbit of information from the BGR article is that the back of the Galaxy S3 could be ceramic. Now, if true, no one would ever call Samsung cheap again. Samsung typically are known to have plastic backed phones and general plastic around the phone as well and some people say that this makes the devices feel cheap when compared to premium hardware devices made by the likes of HTC and Motorola. Ceramic is a pretty expensive material, so this will undoubtedly push up the price of the Galaxy S3, but hopefully not much more than the Galaxy S2 when it came out.

Source: BGR

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

What are your thoughts about this rumour regarding the Galaxy S3? Do you think the size is too big, are you a fan of the ceramic display? What are your expectations regarding Samsung at MWC? Your feedback is welcome in the comments section below.

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