Updated! – Cutting Edge version of Tweetdeck heading to Android – What to Expect

Tweetdeck, a very popular Twitter client that was bought by Twitter themselves for a massive £25 m is said to get a major revamp to its Android app according to a recent job posting on Twitter’s website.




Twitter went through a major overhaul last year, the so called #NewTwitter which added an interactions tab, allowing users to see more easily who had retweeted, favourited their tweets as well as who followed them and added them to lists. Twitter also updated their logo with this overhaul, giving the iconic Twitter bird a lot more polish and detail, keeping it very Web 2.0.

Old Tweetdeck vs. New Tweetdeck

Old Tweetdeck Logo vs. New Tweetdeck Logo

As you can see from the graphic above, the Tweetdeck logo went through some noticeable changes after the acquisition, the most obvious being the removal of the Tweetdeck bird for the official Twitter counterpart. The new logo icon is also more rounded and coloured blue, in line with the whole Twitter theme as opposed to the previous yellow.

Goodbye Deck.ly

Goodbye Deck.ly (Image Credit: SocialMediaToday.com)

Twitter scrapped deck.ly after they bought Tweetdeck, one of Tweetdeck’s best features at the time. For those of you that don’t know, deck.ly was a way to tweet more than 140 characters in an elegant way, here’s a video explaining it. There are services such as Twitlonger and others that offer the same service but deck.ly was very easy to use and full of functionality just like the original Tweetdeck app pre-acquisition, primarily aimed at power users. The site deck.ly redirects to Tweetdeck’s official site so looks like it’s well and truly buried. Maybe one day in the future, deck.ly will be reborn, very doubtful though, ah well a man can dream.

Before I move on to discuss what changes can be expected in this “cutting edge” version of the Android app when it hits, here’s what it said in the official job listing:

The TweetDeck team, working from London, is looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android app. We’re building the next generation of a suite of clients that millions of people love and use everyday. You’ll work on our small team, own the projects that you work on, and have a great time shipping products which change the way people communicate.

Tweetdeck has been fairly dormant the last couple of months, the iOS and Android apps have received some minor updates, but neither has the theme throughout the apps changed to blue yet nor has the app icon, it’s still the traditional yellow. Hopefully the cutting edge version rectifies this and with the addition of potentially the interactions tab and other features from New Twitter, it should prove to be a very powerful Twitter client. Apple’s iOS will also receive this cutting edge version or at least something that is better than what it is now, bringing it line with the new design; according to TechCrunch these job positions have already been filled.

I personally use the Tweetdeck Chrome app a lot for which the look and feel has been brought up to line with the new design, hopefully they add the interactions tab and other features from #NewTwitter very soon. Ultimately, this major revamp to the Android and iOS apps has been well overdue and it would be in Twitter’s best interest to add the interactions tab to keep Tweetdeck consistent with Twitter.com and Twitter’s official mobile applications.

Update: On 22nd March 2012, Tweetdeck updated their Chrome, Windows and Mac versions of the app to version 1.3 adding the interactions column, lists, activity column and more. My hands on video is below:

Source: T3 and TechCrunch

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

Do any of you use Tweetdeck? What features would you like to see in the updated iOS and Android apps? Your feedback is welcome in the comment section below.

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