Review: Honey Badger App

With over 39 million views to date, the honey badger video on YouTube is one of the most talked about videos. The video was narrated by a guy who goes by the name Randall.

Not surprisingly, following the huge success of the Honey Badger MEDL Mobile have created a iOS and Android app. The main aim of the app is too make sure that the Honey Badger does not go hungry. This is done by feeding on any creatures that he comes across when he travels.

The game is very smooth on the iPhone 4s. We didn’t have any crashes and the graphics look absolutely stunning on the retina display. Also the game is not too hard at first but does get arguably harder as you advance through the levels.

Overall I absolutely love the game and haven’t be able to easily put down my iPhone after playing it. The app costs £0.69 on the App store and costs £1.28 on the Android Market . Unlike the iOS version they also have a censored version which cuts out all bad language so your children or other youths can use it.

As mentioned previously the app has beautiful graphics. Below is the main menu of the app. As you can tell the design of it is absolutely stunning and very nice to the eye.

Honey Badger Main Menu

Honey Badger Main Menu

Overall it’s a great app and I would defiantly recommend it. I would rate it at 9/10. It’s a great game which is very addictive.

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