The people who download and play illegal copies of video games, E.G Ps3, XBOX, on chipped or modified consoles cost at least £1.45 billion in lost sales in 2010. The Association of UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), who spoke for the gaming industry, says it’s not just money that’s being lost. They also said that it has resulted in 1,000 less jobs in the industry. One pirate told Newsbeat that games are too expensive and the companies behind them make enough money as it is.

 They want to bring the prices down and then maybe people would stop doing this

Said Martin, 25, from Scarborough on illegal gaming. Piracy is traditionally more commonly associated with music or films, but 25-year-old Martin, from near Scarborough, says that’s not the case. He’s been modifying consoles for a year and says he’s adapted to this, otherwise known as ‘modded’, ‘chipped’ or ‘flashed’, around 60.

“I can pretty much modify anything,” he admitted.

“Xbox 360s and there’s a new hack for the PS3, Wii, DS and PSP.” Will the gaming industry come to end?

In my opinion, games are to dear to buy, £40 to £80 even more sometimes! This may be it.

Sony takes PS3 hackers to court


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