Disguised Samsung Galaxy S III Prototype Appears In Vietnam?

Well this is interesting, a few weeks ahead of Samsung’s May 3rd official unveiling of their “next Galaxy” device, vietnamese blogger site TinhTe has released a video and pictures of the device, similar to how they unboxed the new iPad before release.

Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked (Image Credit: Tinh Te)

The model number is GT-i9300, following on from Samsung’s naming convention for the Galaxy S II which was GT-I9100 and it’s sporting Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich. We can also see that Samsung has switched to the ICS style three capacitive buttons; multi-tasking, home and back. The casing is interesting and some people are suggesting that this is just the core of the upcoming Galaxy device and not the final design. We for one, hope so because that design really doesn’t look anything special.

As mentioned above, Tinh Te also took some pictures with the 8.0 megapixel shooter on the back of the device and one of the images is below:

Samsung Galaxy S III Camera Sample

Samsung Galaxy S III Camera Sample (Image Credit: Tinh Te)

Click on it for a larger version. Usually when camera samples leak of an upcoming device, bloggers and tech afficiandos alike analyze the heck out of the EXIF data in the photo so let’s do just that.

Leaked Galaxy S III Camera VS. Galaxy S II Camera

Leaked Galaxy S III Camera VS. Galaxy S II Camera

The EXIF data on the left is for the sample image by Tinh Te above and the data on the right is for an image I took on my Samsung Galaxy S II. Again click on the above image for a larger version, but we’ll discuss the main changes and similarities here. The lens focal length seems to have dropped from 4 mm in the Galaxy S II to 3.7 mm in the Galaxy S III and GSM Arena reckons that this could lead to a wider viewing angle or that the new image sensor is about 7% bigger. You can see the resolution of the shots is identical, so this could lay to rest rumours that the Galaxy S III will be boasting a 12 MP or higher camera, it most likely will be 8.0 Mega Pixels, same as on the Galaxy S II. Note: The S III sample was in landscape, so that explains why the x dimension is 3264 and y dimension was 2448.

One final bit of mystery in the EXIF data lies in the “Software” field, it says M0_TEST suggesting that this might not be the final camera, so as always take the data with a pinch of salt.

Moving away from the camera and on to other specifications. The subtitled video below reveals quite a lot:

The original video as well as the original Tinh Te post has been removed but YouTubers as usual are on point, downloading and re-uploading the video. The video confirms it will be a 4.6 inch Super AMOLED at a resolution of 1184 x 720 (As explained in the video, this is 1280 x 720 but some pixels have been used for the virtual indicators in Android 4.0 ICS) and has a pixel density of 320 ppi.

The most exciting part, however, is in the processor. The video reveals it is a Samsung made quad core processor (which people are speculating to be the Exynos 4412) running at a clock speed of 1.4 Ghz. This would make it the second quad core device to hit the market, the first of course being the HTC One X. The video also shows that the S III will be packing a hefty 1 GB of RAM.

We mentioned in our previous article that for the next Galaxy device from Samsung to be the Official London 2012 Olympic Games phone, it would need to have NFC and the video confirms this.

Samsung as expected isn’t commenting on any of this but Engadget’s Tim Stevens got a legal request to remove the video so this definitely gives us a hint that there is some validity to that video.



Overall, the specs might be true but we just hope the final design is something spectacular, if the ceramic back rumours prove true, it would really make a lot of people happy.

So what do you guys think? Could this be the same device Samsung will show on May 3rd? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Via Engadget , GSMArena and PocketLint

Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

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