Samsung initiates countdown to “The Next Galaxy”

Technology news is pretty slow on the weekend but earlier today SamsungMobile tweeted a very mysterious message:


It took a while for the tech community to figure out what exactly this meant but now pretty much everyone knows. It’s a cleverly designed anagram by Samsung which re-arranged says “The Next Galaxy” obviously teasing the event on May 3rd.

Samsung has even gone to the effort of making a dedicated website for said anagram at, Clicking on the site shows a countdown which finishes at 12 PM GMT on Monday 23rd April 2012, what could this be? Perhaps a video teaser of the next galaxy before the official unveiling on Friday?

Samsung Countdown to The Next Galaxy

Samsung Countdown to The Next Galaxy

To the untrained eye, there’s nothing much else to see here and most people would probably close the website and return to it nearer the time of the countdown finishing.

However,  Samsung Updates has found the directory of the website which has some pretty interesting images and sound clips to say the least. The two main links to visit are and

Thoroughly analyzing the first of the two links one can find a “failure” folder and a “success” folder so this could be hinting at a game Samsung will play, whereby the user has to guess a password to unlock whatever it is they have as the prize.

The success button and failure button are the buttons below:

Samsung - The Next Galaxy - Failure Button

Samsung – The Next Galaxy – Failure Button

Samsung - The Next Galaxy - Success Button

Samsung – The Next Galaxy – Success Button

It’s nice of Samsung to let us “go ahead anyway” even if the password is wrong, after all it only works in Samsung’s favour and just builds up the hype for Friday’s event. That’s all there is on the images front, feel free to scour both links to your heart’s desire.

On the same link, one will notice an “snd” folder which gives host to a few mp3/ogg files. The ones of interest, atleast to me were “hint” and “reveal” as they remind me a bit of Zelda and this is definitely more evidence of Samsung’s game with this whole website.

This is looking to be a great game that hopefully has a good prize in the end, we for one are hoping it’s a video teaser for the next Galaxy product and most likely that’s what it will be.

What do you think of this clever ploy by Samsung? Were you stumped by the anagram? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

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