Samsung Next Galaxy Device – May 3rd Unveiling, In the UK already and Official London Olympics 2012 phone!

Samsung sent out invites to its next Galaxy Event yesterday which is on May 3rd and there are hot new rumours suggesting it could be the official phone for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

After months and months of speculation and idle rumours, Samsung sent out invites to the highly anticipated “Next Galaxy” event yesterday which is shown below:

Samsung's Next Galaxy Official Event Invite

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Official Event Invite (Image Credit:

The amount of hype surrounding this highly anticipated handset, the successor to the very well selling Samsung Galaxy S II has been comparable to an Apple event. Samsung has certainly taken a leaf out of Apple’s book with this event by not only not allowing any real information to leak including images but also giving a handset it’s very own event; Samsung did do this with the Galaxy S II as well.

Some companies tease details of their new devices within the press invite so let’s begin to analyse. On the surface, you can see the only text is “COME AND MEET THE NEXT GALAXY”, one could argue this lays to rest the name being Galaxy S III, but we can’t be certain. The only other noticeable information on the invite is a grey blotch in the top right and two other blotches. Now to the untrained eye, there might not be anything of note here but there is.

Carly Page from The Inquirer said “The blue blotch also seems to feature a brushed metal effect, hinting that the Galaxy6 III could ditch the plastic in favour of an Iphone style metal case.” We for one, hope this analysis proves true because typically Samsung devices have known to feel cheap in the hand and have very low quality back covers since they use plastic, but a metallic/brushed aluminium would change this for the good. Carly also noted that the blotches which could be seen as paint drops suggests that maybe the next Galaxy device could have an S-Pen, allowing for drawing/doodling and taking “notes” on the *cough* Samsung Galaxy Note.

People that have been following the hype around this handset may have heard rumours about Samsung tying in the launch of their new Galaxy device with the London 2012 Olympic Games, starting this summer and now rumours are going one step further to say that the phone could be the official phone of the Olympic Games. Matt Warman from the Telegraph mentioned that an Olympic phone would have to have Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow for contactless payment, so this could suggest we will see NFC in the upcoming Galaxy device.

Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III (Image Credit: BGR)

The final bit of information comes from PocketLintwho are claiming that the upcoming Galaxy device is already in the UK, yes you read that correct, already in the UK! This is great news because it should give carriers some time to get accustomed to said handset and hopefully have a smooth rollout across all the networks. Pocketlint said there is only one device in the UK and that not only is it under lock and key but also its accompanied by bouncers, yikes! Samsung’s really pulling out all the stops to make sure nothing slips ahead of the May 3rd date.

In regards to specifications of the device, it’s anyone’s guess but we did reveal some ideas in this article two months ago. Sadly we won’t be at the event, but as you may have spotted from the invite above, the event will be live streamed at on May 3rd at 7 pm GMT so feel free to watch that and check back with us after for our thoughts.

What do you guys hope to see in the upcoming Galaxy device? Let us know your thoughts and comments down below.

Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

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