Kidigi iPico Pocket Projector Full Review

The iPico Pocket Projector is a smart pocket-size projector. The projector it self it is fairly small and can easily fit in your pocket. It is also very light and only weighs 105. The projector is a pocket projector for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The projector whilst being a projector is also a standby portable battery to charge your iPhone when your out and about.

The iPico projects up to a 60 inch image with the resolution of 640 by 360 from a distance from over 2 metres. Whilst this is not the highest resolution and best picture quality projector the size and extreme light weight of the projector really does pay off. The projector it self does have a built in speaker. This is actually very good quality and produces nice deep sound without sounding too muffled. It is also pretty loud for a portable projector therefore it’s defiantly a nice enhancement.

The specification of the projector is below:

  • Lumens-15 ANSI lumen
  • Resolution Ratio-640 by 360
  • Battery Capacity-2100 mAH
  • Aspect Ratio-16:9
  • Contrast Ratio-1000 : 1
  • Weight:-105 gram

The projector also serves as a portable battery pack for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The available battery power provided by the projector is 2100 mAH. This is a nice large battery and will give more than enough power to keep the iPhone charged up. The packaging of the device claims “It can provide 80% for the iPhone 4”. However due to obvious reasons we haven’t been able to test this and therefore can’t comment on whether it is true or not.

The projector has external volume control which is very nice to use when you are projecting an image or a video on to the display. The projector it self is very simple to use. You basically plug in your iPhone and turn on the projector. You then go on to the YouTube or Photos app on the iPhone and click play. This then plays the video/photo on the projector. The projector can get quite warm if you use it for extended periods of time however this is not a problem and therefore doesn’t remove anything from the functionality of the device.

To charge the projector it has a Micro-USB socket so you just plug it into your laptop or the mains socket and you are ready to go. It takes a few hours to charge fully and when it is fully charged you can project photo and videos for over 2 and a half hours. The projector itself does come with very nice packaging too and therefore isn’t a hassle to get out of the box like other products .

Overall the pros and cons of the iPico pocket projector are listed below:


  • Nice minimal design and very light weight
  • Easy to use, No special app or program.
  • The fact that it’s a portable battery so it charges your phone as well as projecting images and videos


  • Gets slightly warm when using the projector
  • It only supports the 4 and 4s, Those with older devices won’t be able to use it.
  • Slightly expensive,

The iPico projector designed by Kidigi is a great product overall. The iPico projector costs 250 United States Dollars. Whilst this is slightly expensive compared to other portable projectors in the market is a very viable price and therefore defiantly suitable for anyone looking for a portable projector.

Below are some pictures of the projector.

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Lastly I would like to say a huge thanks to Kidigi for sending this product out to review. You can check them out at

Thanks for reading this article, Feel free to comment below letting me know your thought on this projector and if you would consider getting one.


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