Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Trailer Released

The Mojang Team has recently released their new video on the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, which features many cool features. The game will allow you have a two player or four player split-screen, and play on the same Minecraft world. You will be able to craft and create structures like in the PC version of the game, but with the Xbox, you will be able to create, just in a new way. Also, you can connect with your friends on Xbox Live, and play together with up to 8 people! There is a nether and a regular world when you start out on a new map, and their is a rumor that there will be map seeds in which you can go to. Also, the rumored price of this game is 1600MSP points (which is $20 in the US, or around £13 in Europe) on Xbox Live Arcade! You can check out the Xbox 360 Minecraft Multiplayer Trailer HERE!

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