So, do you think this $99 console is a good thing? Well, possibly. You just also need a credit card and the ability to pay extra for the console over a two year period. The question with this technique, is that, will people like the idea of paying for a cheap console, and then, paying monthly for the rest of the cost of the console? Do you think that the idea that is brought with cell phones, should also be added with consoles? Microsoft is currently coming up with a plan for the next Xbox, to sell it for $99, and then, you will have to pay a Xbox Live payment of $15 monthly for two years. This is a very similar plan that cell phone companies often use to make their expensive phones cheaper, and the customer would have to pay monthly, which would reach the actual price of the phone. The estimated price for the next Xbox is around $450 (£278.) The plan hasn’t been very established, since the next Xbox and PlayStation is projected to come out in 18 months, but Microsoft and Sony could very well stick with these plans, and add a monthly cost to their new consoles.

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