The presentation of this version of Minecraft is amazing, even though its the same look as the PC version, you can tell that the HD-quality of the game, makes the Minecraft experience better. Even though the Xbox edition of the game is out-dated, by about six months, you still get all of the core, most important parts of the game. There still is no objective or no way to beat the game, but you are still able to use your imagination, and build creations, just in a new, different way. The crafting table interface is much easier than the PC version, in the Xbox version you won’t need any wiki’s to tell you what makes what, you are able to see all craftable items in-game, which is much easier. The Xbox version even provides you with a tutorial for new players.



In the Xbox version, you still are able to create amazing castles, or journey into the Nether, although you won’t be able to use enchantments, sprint, have creative, and most importantly not have mods, its still a fun experience! You still have that addicting rush that wants you to do more in your generated Minecraft world. Also, multiplayer is very easy to setup, rather than downloading software to create your own PC server, your Xbox Live friends can simply gain access into your world, with just a few clicks of a button, if you don’t want friends to enter your world, you can always uncheck “Make Online,” which will make your world single-player. Also, you can have up to four split-screens, so four people will be able to play on the same Minecraft world, at the same time!



With a great crafting interface, and the ability to shape up your own world, this game doesn’t dissapoint. Although you can’t have creative mode and can’t use mods, the game features an amazing multiplayer option, that is very simple and fun!


How You Can Purchase the Game

You can purchase the game on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, and search for Minecraft, the price for this game is 1600 MSP (or $19.99.) If you need MSP, go here to get more points into your Xbox Live account.


Overall Rating: 8.8/10
Plus:  Crafting interface, Multiplayer, Price
Minus: No Creative, No Mods



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