Black HTC PO S740 One S Slip Pouch Review!

Before starting the review, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mobile Fun for sending out this product for me to review. They sell a lot of great phone pouches so please check them out. The product I reviewed was a HTC PO S740 One S Slip Pouch – Black sold by Mobile Fun.

What’s Good About This Case

Right side of the HTC One S coming out of the case

Right side of the HTC One S coming out of the case

Let’s start with the outside of the pouch, it’s made from high durable leather that feels great in the hand and there is detailed stitching around the front and back sides, adding a bit of style and professionalism to the pouch. The pouch is an official HTC accessory and the proof of that is in the emblazoned HTC logo on the front side.

Inserting your phone into the pouch is a very simple process, simply slide it in from the top. Once the phone is fully submerged within the case, your device is fully protected and the inside of the pouch has a soft lining ensuring the front and back of your device will not get scratched. Obviously since this is a pouch rather than a case, you won’t have access to the micro USB charging port or the volume rocker on the sides. However the headphone jack and sleep/wake button at the top of the device are, and since the sleep/wake button isn’t flush with the pouch, there’s minimal chance of that button being pressed if the pouch is in your pocket or something which is an added bonus. This pouch doesn’t really add any noticeable bulk in the hand and you can feel comfortable throwing it around in a bag knowing that your device won’t be damaged because it’s a very tight fit. That moves us on nicely to the negatives.

What’s Not So Good About This Case

Top of the HTC One S inside the case

Top of the HTC One S inside the case

Trust me when I say this, there is a VERY tight fit for when your device is in the pouch and I mean this is to expected, as you use the product, it will “break in” and become looser. However for me, I hardly used the case for this reason, I would put the One S in the case, and then let’s say I was out somewhere and wanted to take a quick photo, by the time I managed to get the One S out of the pouch, the photo opportunity would have been missed and it doesn’t help if you have sweaty hands, it’s a real pain to get out of the pouch.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite disappointed considering this is an official HTC product, they should have atleast thought about the initial reactions of the buyer, maybe make it a tiny bit wider, so that it’s still a tight fit, but just not super duper tight. Like I said if you’re willing to wait a few weeks for your device to loosen up in the pouch then be my guest. I only had the HTC One S for three/four weeks since it was a review unit and I hardly ever kept it in this pouch because it’s just so much of a pain to get out. As noted above, the device is well protected once in the pouch, so in that sense it does what it says on the tin, but the fact that it can be a hassle to get out of the pouch atleast initially, might not appeal to some people, it certainly didn’t to me.  Ultimately,  I would not recommend this HTC One S pouch. You would be better off buying the HTC HC C740 Hard Shell For HTC One S – Black, this only protects the back of your phone but since the HTC One S has a Gorilla Glass display, the front of the device is very unlikely to get scratched by keys or coins in a pocket.

Here’s all the pictures I took of the case (Click for a larger view):

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

Feel free to leave any comments below, it would be great to get some feedback!

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