Review: Kidigi Desktop Cradle for iPod Touch and iPhone 4/4S

Before I start the review a huge thanks goes out to Kidigi for sending out this product for review. Please check out their site at

The Kidigi Desktop Cradle is a dekstop charging/syncing cradle for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPod Touch. The docking station itself comes with three different “Cover-Mates” which are different covers which sit nicely on the top of the docking station and suit different rooms and styles.

The Docking station itself is very small and weighs just 90 grams. The docking station is a white colour and is glossy. The only minor con about this is that it does actually catch dust pretty easy when it placed on the shelf. However it is usually easy to wipe away with a little cloth. The dock itself is actually very sturdy and looks very sleek and stylish just sat on the shelf charging your iPhone.

The Docking Station also has rubber bottom which means it won’t be sliding all over the place on glass or wood shelves. The docking station comes with three cover-mates which are different covers for the docking station. They fit on top of the docking station and look very cool when your iPhone or iPod touch are plugged in. You are provided with three cover-mates with the dock when purchased and can also purchase more from Kidigi at a later date. The three different colour-mates you are provided with are coloured; Black, Green and a light orange patterned design.

The docking station charges your iPhone 4/4s and also the iPod Touch 3rd/4th gen. We also tested it with a iPhone 3rd Generation and it worked fine without no issues. The dock itself doesn’t get very warm at all even when used for extensive periods of time like other docking stations.

The Pros and Cons of the Docking station are listen below:


  • Sleek, stylish design which means it can fit anywhere and not look out of place
  • Great affordable price
  • Charges your iPhone 4/4s and iPod Touch


  • Doesn’t have a audio out port so can’t connect to external speakers whilst iPhone is plugged in
  • Has a glossy design which means it easily attracts dust particles
Below are some pics of the Docking Station. (Please Note: iPhone is not provided with the docking station)

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The price of the Docking Station is $29.99 from Kidigi. You can buy the product from Kidigi’s Retail website-UniMobAcc. Overall the docking station is a very good product and will suit any household who has an iDevice. Not only is the docking station sturdy but also very sleek and stylish. Lastly I would like to say a huge thanks to Kidigi for sending this awesome product out to review and stay tuned. We have a giveaway of two of these bad boys in the coming week. Comment below letting us know what you think of this product. Thank’s for reading this article. Feel free to comment and share along.

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