Review: UNI-QUE Universal Charging Station

Before I start the review, a huge thanks goes out to Kidigi for sending out this product for review. Please check out their site at They design and sell accessories such as docking stations and portable projectors for all modern smart phones.

The UNI-QUE Universal Charging Station is an exemplary charging station which can charge up to 4 mobile phones and a tablet device, all at the same time. The charging station has a soft rubber top so any phones do not get scratched whilst charging. As the number of smart phones in households increases, this will be an  brilliant product for any family or even for your self if you have a lot of phones. his product will prove effective and useful for any family or individual who owns a multitude of devices.

The charging station comes with 6 cables which plug into the 4 ports to charge up to 4 mobiles and a tablet.The charging station I received was a prototype, but the UNI-QUE now comes with the following cables:

  • 30-Pin Connector-(S)
  • 30-Pin Connector (L)
  • 2 MicroUSB
  • 1 Samsung
  • 1 Female USB (S)  30-Pin Connector.

Below are the tech specs of this device for those of you interested.

  • Input, 100-220V 50-60Hz
  • Output-5V 2.1A (1 x port) 5V 1.0A (3 x ports)

The short cables denoted (S) are about 4.5 cm each and are used to rest the device on the padded area, the longer are for other placements, and are about 20cm long. They are used to charge tablets or phones which have their charging ports in different places than the iPhone.

The charging station has a black colour to it. The charging device also acts as a tablet stand so you can easily use your iPad while it is charging. The tablet stand does gain finger prints quite easily however these are very easy to wipe off with a micro fibre cloth. Below are the pros and cons of the UNI-QUE Universal Charging Station are below;


  • Can charge up to 4 mobile devices and a tablet at once
  • Has a rubber bottom so doesn’t slide around
  • Anti-Static Silicone on the tray
  • Tablet stand for better viewing angles
  • Protection Circuit for excessive charging and prevents short-circuit


  • The Anti-Static Silicone on the tray can get a bit dirty and is slightly hard to clean at times
  • The glossy black colour on the stand easily gets finger prints on

See below for images of this product in use. (Please note, iPhone or iPad aren’t provided)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall the UNI-QUE is an exceptional product for anyone looking for a station charging multiple devices. It easily and quickly charges all of them, all while looking very stylish. The charging station is $89.99 is slightly expensive, but well worth the money. Again, a huge thanks to Kidigi for sending this product out for review. You can check out their site, Thanks for reading this review, and don’t forget to comment! Let us know what you think of this review, also feel free to share and promote this article!

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