A Week With The Nexus 7

Did you hear about that the new Google tablet? Yeah the one they announced at that Google IO Event.

These were my thoughts on Google making a tablet of their own. Frankly I was like “here we go again” another rubbish piece of android hardware. As much as I detest Apple, the IPad is still the king of the Tablet market. Why? Well it is simply the best for not being overly crammed with confusing elements and bloat ware. U get a little device with one button and a bunch of icons on the home screen and that’s it. If you get lost, one push of the button gets u safely home. With any current android tablet today like my Late Sony tablet S, it could be a bit daunting experience if you’re the average tech user.
After reading Purav`s article about his initial thoughts on the nexus 7, I began to see why the Nexus 7 might be different. I was still wary about it, mostly because no Nexus device has ever really wowed the hearths of consumers. So did a Nexus tablet do just that? Hell yes it did. Google made the nexus 7 not to compete with any tablet out there. Instead, it has used this device to create a market of its own. The 3 issues I normally had with android tablets seemed to have been ironed out, as seen on the Google IO Demo of the nexus 7. A special Project codename project Butter to ensure smooth animations at 60 FPs, i.e. no lag or delays in animations and transitions. The availability of apps especially Tegra optimised apps makes the Play Store a destination for tablet optimised content. Thirdly, the price.
After I heard that the Nexus 7 would be priced at 160 and 200 for 8 and 16 Gig, I was just blown away. Take a look at the specs sheet as listed in Purav`s Article. Very impressive specs sheet indeed. No cheap parts, everything is simply premium. I even hear Google does not make any profits on the tablets. Their main bet is that you would spend more money on the Play store, which is a pretty smart idea.
I ordered mine of course and one week on, I have no regrets. I simply feel wished I had even gotten it earlier. The screen is a beauty, the software is very intuitive and would not scare the average tech rookie. Everything about the Nexus 7 is just top notch, coupled with android jelly bean alongside project butter, you will never see any lag or delays while using it. Also you get a free £15 on your Google account to splash on new apps and also the Transformers movie comes bundled with it. There is also a new innovation called Google Now. It is a voice assistant, no not like Siri, Miles better. It simply studies you via your searches and then tells you all you need to know before you demand it. It’s like a Voodo thing I tell you. It tells you what buses are around you, your commute time etc. in a tiled interface. Great addition I must say.
The only concern that some people might have is the fact that the Tablet is so awesome you would want to carry it everywhere, meaning you would want to use Data. Well I hate to say this but the Nexus 7 is Wi-Fi only. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me Goggle dint forget to care for the mobile users. Most content can be made available offline. Besides, most content the on the nexus demands heavy data that would be best served via Wi-Fi. No need to worry about this as it is not at all a deal breaker.
The nexus 7 is not only a great piece of hardware, it has a mature mobile OS in the face of Jelly Bean coupled with it. If you get the nexus as you first android device, you have definitely made a wonderful choice and gotten yourself a beast. With its killer price tag of just £200 for the 16 Gig, and no contracts whatsoever, you just have to appreciate this Device and Clap Clap to Google

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