Galaxy S III on Vodafone UK receives a minor update

Earlier today I turned on Wifi on my Galaxy S III and it told me there was an update available, I couldn’t install it straight away since the battery was too low. However after charging it a bit, I installed the update. So what’s new? Let’s dive in shall we?




Note: Please check the gallery at the bottom of the article, because I will be referring to them throughout, for example, Image 1 means the first image in the gallery, Image 2 the second and so on. Also please read the captions on each image because that will give you a clear idea on what each screenshot shows.

For starters, saying minor in the title is both true and untrue, it’s untrue in the file size, this was a whopping 93.72 MB update (Images 2 and 3), for those of you on limited data allowances, you might want to perform the update over WiFi, but it’s true because it really doesn’t add very much.

The only noticeable difference I’ve seen is a change in the brightness controls, see Image 6. When you swipe down from the top to get to the notifications Window, there is now a slider for the brightness control as well as a quick auto brightness check box, this is quite convenient and better then the brightness level button they had, at least in my opinion.

Comparing Images 1 and 6, we can see that the Android version is still 4.0.4 so sadly no Jellybean, although the official (but not final) Jellybean ROM has been leaked and rumours are suggesting the final version should be rolling out on. August 29th.

The build version for this update is IMM76D.I9300BUBLG3. Please do check out the gallery below for the images I’ve mentioned throughout the article.

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave any comments below Have you noticed any other changes on your Galaxy S III?

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