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Before I start this review, I would like to give a huge thanks to for supplying me with this product for review.

The experience of viewing back videos on your mobile device is getting better and better, thanks to the gorgeous displays present, such as the one found on the latest generation of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but holding the device in your hand can become abit cumbersome or in the iPad’s case, strain your arm. The Clingo Podium Phone + Media Stand by AllSop is here to save the day and in this article we shall see how well it performs.

In the Box:

  • Clingo Podium Phone + Media Stand
  • Instruction leaflet’s

The Clingo Podium is home to a non-adisive sticky pad, which is what you stick your device to and I must say, it is stronger than you may think. Applying your device is no issue, all you do is get your mobile device, be it an Android device, iPhone or iPod Touch and simply press it onto the sticky pad present on the Clingo Podium. Once applied, you can sit back and enjoy the infinite viewing angles that the Clingo Podium offers thanks to its ball bolt as it rotates to 360 degrees, which is useful for say emailing, texting or watching videos all hands free.

Removing your device from the pad is abit of a choir because the pad is so grippy, you have to grab two sides of your device and slowly but surely peel away from the pad and once done you will notice no residue , which is the first thing I looked for , really pleased.

The main bass on the Clingo Podium is constructed from solid steel, which adds a fair bit of wait to the stand but at the same time adds style to your desk, which I like. The weight is not all bad though because it goes the podium the ability to hold device’s as big as an iPad but in some angles may force the stand to topple over, due to its weight. Staying on the steel base, there is a slot where you can feed your devices wire through to charge it up while it is still propped up on the stand, which is quite useful when you think about it.

You might be wondering, what keeps the podium in place? Well, there is a strip of rubber placed at the rear of the stand to keep the podium sturdily in one place on your desk and prevent it sliding away unintentionally.

As time goes by the Clingo Pad attracts some dust, which can decrease the overall affectiveness of the pad, but is easily cleaned by placing the pad under some running water, while rubbing it thoroughly with your fingers. After the cleaning process is done, you can simply leave the stand to one side to dry, this is the most effective, yet most time consuming way of cleaning the pad.

Note: Another method of cleaning the pad is simply placing the pad under water and then drying it with a lint free cloth.

Overall the Clingo Podium is a great little stand for your mobile device and adds abit of style/class to your desk. Watching videos hands free is a great experience, not only because of the retina display present on my iPod touch 4g but as a result of the stabilisation of the Clingo Podium(During my testing I watched the Hangover Part 2). I highly recommend this stand to anyone who is on the market for a stand to keep your device propped up and easily accessible.

Price : £19.99

Worth the purchase ? : Yes

Many thanks have to go Mobile Fun for sending this product out for review and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Clingo Podium Stand.

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