Review: Kidigi Smart Stand for iPad 2/3

Before starting this review a huge shoutout goes to Kidigi for sponsoring this product for review. You can check out their site here

The Smart Stand is a stand designed by Kidigi for both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. However not only is it a desktop stand, It can also be used in cars on the back of the drivers seat headrest. The base of the stand is made from a solid metal which keeps it nice and sturdy. However the actual stand which grips the iPad is made from plastic and therefore becomes loose after using it for a short while.

The base of the stand is made out of a very high quality metal and the bottom of the base is covered in rubber so it definitely won’t be slipping around once your iPad is attached on to the stand. The stand itself is a matt black colour and looks really nice. The base of the stand kind of looks like the base of an iMac. Therefore it looks really cool and would look really nice and fit in well on a desk with an iMac on. In addition, the stand has quite a small profile meaning it is quite thin even with the iPad in so you could easily fit your iPad into the stand and place it on a shelf and use it as a photo frame.

The technical details of the Kidigi Smart Stand are as follows:

  • Rotates 180 degrees both ways / Two angled position
  • Steel construction and anti-scratch construction
  • Included a nylon belt to attach the iPad on to your car seat holder
  • Non slip base
  • Very easy installation
The smart stand is very easy to use with the ipad 2/3 just sliding and clicking right into the stand itself. However with the simplicity of the stand comes a negative. It’s very limited in what it can do and therefore you can’t angle it to remove glare from the iPad screen without moving the whole stand. Another issue that I have had with the stand is the very poor build quality of the attachment which grips on to your iPad. My iPad has actually fallen out of the stand once too, luckily it’s still in one piece. Another factor which could put a lot of people off the stand is that it won’t fit iPad’s with cases on at all. You would have to remove the case, install the device and then use the stand. This could be very annoying for users who have difficult to remove cases for the iPad.
Below is a overall summary of my thoughts of the device on a whole:


  • Very simplistic design
  • Sturdy Base
  • Rotates 180 degress either way,
  • Two Purposes-Can attach to a car seat holder if required.
  • Non Slip base


  • Can’t angle the iPad to reduce glare without moving the whole stand
  • Very fiddly and loose when iPad is attached on to the stand
You can see some images of the Smart Stand below:

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Overall the Kidigi Smart Stand is an decent product if you plan on leaving your iPad in there and using it as a photo frame or not moving it too much. However for most people it is just too fiddly and therefore wouldn’t be suitable. The stand can be bought from Amazon for £24.99 The price is definitely suitable for what the product is. Overall I would rate this product a 6/10 because of the flimsiness of it. A huge thanks goes out to Kidigi for supplying this product for review. Please feel free to comment below on the article with your thoughts and opinions and also feel free to share this review.

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