Review – PodProp Universal Dock/Stand

A big thanks must go out to for sending this out for review.

Are you looking for a simple , yet stylish way of docking your iPhone , iPod Touch or Android device, then you better go and have a gander at the PodProp, it just amazing.

The PodProp is constructed out of an extremely flexible polyurethane foam which has a slightly textured vinyl coating (BPA Free), which will protect the foam from getting damaged while in use, it also only weighs 3.0oz, so it’s going to be very easy to pick up and move around on your desk.

Three various colours of the PodProp are currently available and they are Blue (as seen below), Grey and Stone, all look beautiful but I like the Blue variant as the shade is striking to the eye.

The PodProp can fit devices up to 3 inches wide and 3/4 inches thick so fitting an iPhone or iPod Touch is no issue and really looks classy on your desk and charging your device is no issue in the PodProp as it features a channel and slot where you can put your device cord to charge, which I really like. Using your device in the PodProp is actually really awesome because when you place your device in portrait, you can easily send and organise your emails and then in landscape you can easily, sit back and relax in your chair while watching YouTube videos /Movies.

I have tried to use the Nexus 7 in the PodProp and it work, but it is abit unstable due its size.

The PodProp is a part of the Kick-starter project and is currently in the prototype stage so this is not the full public product, which will be available later this year, which will most likely have a few changes made to it but if you would still like to try out the PodProp.

Many Thanks go out to for sending this out for review and it’s really a great piece of kit for your mobile device and I highly recommend it.


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