Review – Skin-it Customised Skins for iPodTouch 4G

Before I start this review, I would like to give a huge thanks to for supplying me with their customised skins to review.


Skins are a great way to add abit of style or customisation to your mobile device, but with so many companies on the market trying to sell the same item; it gets kind of hard to find out which skin’s are the best. Up until recently I did not know who Skin-it where but I sure do now and in this review we shall see what design I have chosen, how it turned out and my overall opinion of their skin’s.

Application instructions:



– The surface that a Skin sticks to must be as clean as possible.



– Avoid stretching the Skin when removing it from the backing. Do not tug at the narrow parts. Start at the corner and gradually peel off a small area at a time.



– Line your Skin up over the top of your device. Apply it slowly from the middle. Push the skin towards the edges of your device removing any air bubbles as you go and hey-presto you have a snazzy looking device.

Each skin produced at Skin-it is constructed out a flexible, ultra-durable , vinyl material from Premium Quality that has been specially made to ensure that each skin fits every corner, cut-out and curve present on your device, which also provides protection to your device from scuffs and scratches.

The design that I have chosen is an Angry-Birds wallpaper, which I found while searching the net. It looks very vibrant, the detail in the face is very crisp and overall very clear, so I think it turned out very well, past my expectations. Going around the front of the skin I chose the same tone of red present on the Angry Bird face , a skull and cross bone in the bottom right corner and a smiley face in the top left coner, each small image looked very crisp absolutely no blurriness anywhere around the skins, amazing.

How does it feel in the hand? You might ask, to be quite honest it feels similar to a clear hard-shell case for a mobile device; you know that smooth, grippy feeling,which gives you less of a chance of accidentally dropping your device, I must say I quite like that .

Can you still rock a case with a skin present? Yes, although it may feel abit tight in some areas such as hard-shell cases, leather cases etc. but in silicone or gelli cases, it fits just fine.

My opinion overall on the Skin-it skins is very good, they are the first skins I’ve tried and I have really enjoyed my time with them. Considering that they are made from a premium quality vinyl material,the price of $20.00 for this customised skin, is quite reasonable and I highly recommend the Skin-it skins to anyone who’s looking for some simple protection and style for your mobile device.

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