Rumoured Price Surfaces

Earlier this week, sources around the internet were reporting a rumoured price for Microsoft`s mystery Surface Tablet. $199 is the price being rumoured for the RT version. At $199, it would be even a greater bargain than the overly great Nexus 7 considering the specs sheet.

If this turned out to be true, then Microsoft would definitely be selling the Surface at a loss but would be depending on content from the windows 8 store to recoup its lost cash. Lest we forget, the windows 8 store is only new and there would not be a lot of great apps at least not yet. Also, the fact that legacy apps won’t be able to run on the RT version would strike fear into any potential buyer, I mean no Google Chrome or I-Tunes; now that would hurt someone.

Well for now everything about price is mere speculation, nothing official yet. But if the speculation has any truth to it in the long run, then users would have a Tablet they simply cannot refuse to buy. I personally would like to see how this turns out. Fingers overly crossed.

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