Review – Crystal Case for Apple iPod Touch 4G from Mobilefun

Before I start this review , I would like to thanks for sending this out for review.

Many people who own an iPodTouch 4G will agree with me when I say, the iPodTouch 4G is a sexy looking device as it made from a stylish looking aluminium back. While it might be attractive to look at, it is extremely attractive to fingerprints, but in some cases you will have to cover up the sexy back to protect your device, right? Wrong, say hello to the Crystal Case from Mobile fun and in this article we shall see how it performs and how it looks.

Main Features :

  • Extra wide headphone jack opening All button exposed – Home Button,Power/Sleep, Volume Keys
  • A Clear design so you can still see the stylish finish of the iPod Touch 4G
  • Camera Lens Opening – For clear images
  • Speakers and Dock socket exposed
  • Easy Snap-On and snap-off locking clips – for easy fitting and removal

Applying the case to the iPodTouch is really quite simple , all you do is get the iPod and place it into the back shield of the case.Then clip on the front shield into the four claps present on the back shield and hey presto, the case is securely fastened onto your device for maximum protection, while retaining the same stylish design of the iPodTouch.

Going around the case with will find cut-outs for the Camera + Mic, volume rockers, Power/Sleep/Wake Button , Dock + Headphones jack and finally a cut-out for the speaker , all look very nice and are very accurately cut , with no flash left behind, which is quite nice to see.

Laying your device on its face is no issue as the case has a nice lay-on-the-table design, so that the case is touching the surface and not your screen, which is nice and doesn’t come with every case out there.

While holding the device in your hand with the case present you find that you have extra grip , thanks to the cases smooth finish so that you have less of chance of accidentally dropping your device. Speaking of dropping your device, during my review process, I found the case to be quite durable,as I dropped the iPod onto my kitchen floor (Laminate) and the case survived with no cracks or scratches what so ever, so you can be sure that you device will be protected in this case.

Overall the Crystal Case from Mobilefun is a great way of protecting your iPodTouch 4G, while keeping the same sexy design that you get with a naked iPodTouch present to the eye. This case is currently running for only £5.95, so it’s definely worth a gander .

Get it HERE.

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