Review – Muc-Off Cleaning Go-Kit

Before I start this review, I would like to thank Muc-Off for sending this out for review.

Keeping your technology gadgets clean is a difficult task, especially with children around playing with your handset or computer. The only solution is to go out and look around for some cleaning solutions, but with so many companies, like Monster selling their over-priced product; it’s hard to find the right one for you. In this article we shall be taking a look at the Muc-off Go-Kit, to see if it’s the pocket friendly, cleaning solution for you.

Worth it: Yes

Price: £10.00


In the Box:

  • Muc-Off Device & Screen Cleaner 35ml bottle
  • Ultra-Fine Microfiber Cloth
  • EVA case


  • The Muc-Off Go Kit contains a Premium Microfiber Cloth and a 35ml Biodegradable Device & Screen Cleaner in an EVA case.
  • Antibacterial solution contains no alcohol & ammonia.
  • Muc-Off EVA case
  • The EVA case keeps the Microfiber Cloth contaminate free.
  • Great for cleaning on the move.
  • Carabineer for easy attachment to your bag or laptop case.
  • Will quickly remove dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints from all screens & devices.
  • The formulation contains high performance anti-static properties.


Cleaning your device, be it a mobile phone, iPod or Computer is very easy, all you do is simply get your solution bottle and spray once or twice onto your microfiber cloth, wipe down your device, then fold over the cloth to a dry section, wipe the solution off and hey presto your device is sparkling, just like when you first bought it.

Most cleaning solutions don’t come with a carrying case but thankfully this one does. Present on the case, we have a nice carabineer , which easily attached to say your school bag, belt or your purse so it’s always close by, when you’re out and about.

My personal experience with the Muc-Off Go-Kit was quite exquisite to be truly honest as it exceeded my expectations as I also own the Monster cleaning kit, which I thought was the best, until now. While using the Muc-Off Kit vs the Monster Kit,I found that the solution that Muc-Off uses cleans your devices better than the  monster solution, as the monster solution leaves visible streaks and the cloth with the Muc Off kit is better quality than the two small one provided with the monster kit.

Overall, I think the Muc-Off Go-Kit is a great pocket friendly solution for cleaning your technology devices and for the price tag of only £10.00; it’s really a great option for cleaning your gadgets and I highly recommend it. (Many thanks go out to Muc-Off for supplying me with this for review)

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