Review: Skinny Case for iPad 2/3 by STM Bags
Before starting this review a huge thanks goes to Jessica from KL Associates for providing the STM Skinny Case the the iPad 3.


The Skinny Case is an awesome case for the iPad 2 and also the new iPad. The design of the case is fairly similar to the design of the new smart covers designed by Apple however it is a much nicer solution. As you can probably tell from the name the case is very “skinny” and therefore looks very sleek and stylish. The case itself provides enhances protection for your iPad and keeps it nice and secure. It also prevents the back of the iPad from scratches unlike the older smart covers made by Apple.

The Skinny Case has two different positions for easy typing or watching a movie. These positions hold the iPad in a nice suitable position for when you are watching a movie or typing out an email or web surfing. The case also has a auto on/off cover at the front just like the smart cover which wakes up your iPad as well as putting it to sleep. This is a very nice feature and is very useful. For example, if you are in a meeting and have to quickly get to the next one you can just flick up the cover and the iPad will automatically be put the sleep and won’t waste your precious battery life. Furthermore, the case has neat cutouts for both the buttons and speaker to make sure you don’t get distorted sound. It is also very easy to access the volume rockers and the rotation/mute button.

Now lets get on to some of the negatives about this case. First of all, most docking stations have the 30 pin dock connector fairly close to the back plate / speaker unit so it is very hard to get the ipad with the case on to fit into some docking stations.  This is outlined in the last picture in the gallery at the bottom of this review. Another negative is that the case can be quite hard and stiff when you get it. However after about a week of using it with the iPad 3 the issue goes and it feels much more comfortable in the hand. Below are the positives and negatives of the case summarised.


  • Covers the whole of the iPad so will protect it during slight/minor drops or in your bag or suitcase
  • Very slim profile so doesn’t add to much weight to the iPad or doesn’t look too out of place either
  • All the ports and buttons of the iPad are not covered with the case
  • Very affordable price when compared to the Apple Smart Cover
  • When you close the case it turns the iPad screen off and puts it to sleep just like the smart cover
  • Can charge the iPad using the 30pin plug charger whilst the iPad is in the case


  • Slightly stiff when you initially open the case however it softens up after about a week of use.
  • Can’t charge or use most docking stations with the STM Skinny case.
Below are some images of the case.

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Overall, I absolutely love this case and would buy it for my iPad if I didn’t dish out so much money on a smart cover. I really like the fact that it covers the whole iPad rather that just the screen. The case is available from Amazon UK for £26.99 or from STM’s site. I would definitely recommend this case and will  be rating it a 10/10. The pro’s clearly outstand the negatives with this case and that’s why this case is worth the price. As mentioned at the beginning of this review a huge thanks goes out to KLAssociates for sponsoring this case to review from STM. Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts of this case and the cases you guys use. Also don’t forget to tweet, like and promote this article.

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