Review – Switch Laptop Shoulder Bag for 17inch Laptops By STM Bags

Before I start this review , I would like to thank Jessica from KLAssociates for sending this out for review.

With various companies on the market, selling laptop carry cases at various prices,such as Targus, it’s very difficult to find the right one for you, at the right price. In this article we shall be taking a look at a Laptop carry case from STMBags for 17inch laptops, to see if this bag has what it takes to have a place in your daily routine.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes

Price : $64.55

Where ? : Amazon

Main Features

  • High density padded laptop compartment
  • Converts to shoulder bag with added strap
  • Easily hide backpack straps in concealed pocket
  • Soft lined iPad/tablet pocket
  • Quick release buckles give access to all pockets
  • Full sized pocket for folders and documents
  • Zippered organiser pocket for accessories and essentials

The Switch Laptop shoulder bag from STMBags can fit any laptop up to 17inches , so if you have a MacBook , PC or Linux , under or exactly 17inches , this laptop bag is worth a look at .

 This Laptop bag was tested with a 15.6inch HP Pavillion G56106SA PC.

The Switch Carry Bag comes equipt with five pockets, four on the inside of the bag and one on the back.

Pocket 1

You can store pens, note-books, cases, portable chargers etc.

Pocket 2

You can store your charging wires for your laptop, phone or tablet.

Pocket 3

You can store your tablet here, as the pocket has a nice fabricated lining.

Pocket 4

You can store your laptop here; the pocket has great padding and a nice fabricated lining.

Pocket 5

You can store your extra back strap or shoulder strap , so you can either carry the bag on your back or on your shoulder.


 At first glance, the switch laptop carry bag looks quite nice but then again it looks like every other black carry bag but for some strange reason, it appeals to me more, weird?On the front of the bag, we have two clips with attach the front flap to the bag itself and I must say they are quite strong, but they are also quite stiff when releasing, which I didn’t like .

The bag comes with a shoulder and back strap, so you can have an option on where to carry the bag, which I think is a nice addition and something I haven’t seen before, then again I haven’t really seen a lot of laptop carry bags.

First off all the shoulder strap has a nice detectable section which has a grippy texture to it and the design looks extremely like leather, which gives it a stylish finish and can also be moved around the strap for personally preference. Along the detectable section , is the STM Logo , which adds abit of class to it , I think and the logo itself is in a nice , vibrant red , sexy , just like the bag .

Now moving to the back strap, the back section will be home to this strap when you purchase the bag. Present on the back strap you will find two clips, which like the shoulder strap attach to the two clasps, on the bottom of the bag. This method of carrying the bag , which gives less chance of someone just coming behind you and stealing your bag , which I would dread and would be a nightmare.

Opening the two clips at the front of the bag , you will reveal the four pockets for storage. Each pocket has its own function , have a look above to see what that is .  The first pocket has a nice STM branded zip , which is quite smooth , no issues there. On the fourth pocket / Laptop pocket , we have a Velcro piece, so that the fabricated section of the flap stays secure, while your laptop is having a rest inside the bag .

Carrying the bag around is very comfortable as the bag comes with the most padding I’ve seen on a laptop bag yet, i actually like it .

I sadly do not have a tablet , so I wasn’t able to test out the tablet section of the bag , but I did some research and found out that you will have no issue fitting an iPad into it , so if you have an iPad , Nexus 7 ,Galaxy Tab 7.0 etc you can have a look at this bag , to see if this is the bag for you .


Fit and Finish

Placing my HP Pavillion 15.6inch PC into the bag , was no issue and it fit extremely well , I must say. Did the laptop move , while inside the pocket ? you may be asking , well I can happily say , no. No movement , what so ever was noticed during my testing. The padding in the pocket was nice and tick so no damage would come to the laptop and no sracthes would appear either as the in-board of the pocket had a nice fabricated lining , which i really like .

(10/10 )


I really enjoyed my time with the Switch Laptop bag . Why? , well because it was so easy to access all the necessary essentials that you have in the pockets, it has great padding, so its easy on your back and the bag also adds a great design, what more could you want?. I have had three people come up to me during my recent trip to Belfast , Ireland for the Titanic Exhibition and asked me where I got the Laptop bag. I said ” this is a product from STM Bags , that I got to review , on a website”. They then asked me to give the the name,so did so and they said they would look around for it and buy it , who knows , maybe they did, all I can say is, “Great Investment”.

You can purchase this great laptop carry bag for only $64.55 from Amazon , which I think is a great price for such a great laptop carry bag and its cheaper than most other laptop bags , that aren’t as good.

(9.5/10) Amazing product , definitely worth a look , STM have done a great job with this bag.

Get it HERE

Thank you KLAssociates



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