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October 26th, this day will be remembered for many reasons. It is still not clear whether for postivity or negativity will be the reason this date will be remembered but one thing is for sure, it will be remembered for a long time. Let me give you and example. Sometime in the mid 80`s, the Redmond giant launched the first version of its Windows operating system and a few decades later, it is the worlds top operating system and will always be till some strange asteroid comes down and smashes the earth into shreds. Microsoft ventured into further markets. The gaming market is another destination for Microsoft`s great innovation and also the mobile market too to some extent.
This leaves me to wonder why Microsoft is not the big boss in other markets other than the PC and gaming markets, i mean it is the only company with every thing. Well the answer for this is simple, it simply got too comfortable at the top and just simply watched other companies like Apple rise to the top in other markets Microsoft relaxed in. Companies like Apple and Google knew that they would not be able to overthrow Microsoft from the PC market, so they ventured into other are, Mobile especially and today they have reaped huge profits leaving Microsoft trailing.

The Good thing is Microsoft somehow woke up from its slumber and began to be innovative again. I mean the fact that they scrapped the old windows mobile platform for a brand new one aka Windows phone was bold. That said, the boldest step Microsoft will ever make is what it has done with Windows. In previous year, windows upgrades have been mostly performance focused but Windows 8 changes this . It is a total redesign and re imaging of the Windows OS that will totally change the way we use computers forever. If you ask of my opinion, i warmly welcome this change. I mean if it is not broken why fix it but it does not say don’t re shape it. I know windows 7 was a great OS probably Microsoft`s greatest offering till date, but windows 8 does not throw that away it simply builds on it. Microsoft rebuilt it`s mobile operating system from scratch and it was partly a major success pending Windows phone 8 for full success.

Microsoft also did something it has always shied away from in the PC world which is make it`s own hardware. The only hardware we know of for PC from Redmond has been keyboards and mice nothing real. Well I introduce you to the Surface in that case, Microsoft`s own tablet running windows 8. Tablets from Google and Apple run on proprietary operating systems different from the offerings on computers, but Microsoft is letting its own Tablet offerings run with full PC operating system. I believe this is the right direction towards a singular Eco system, but if this is the right technique remains to be seen. With the new windows phone 8 OS coming soon, Microsoft has planned one big integration solution for all its device lets not forget Microsoft makes the XBOX too. Sky-drive makes this Eco system integration even further painless and boy o boy only time will tell.

Honestly Microsoft had to do something to announce itself once again in an era where Google and Apple take most of the credits. I expected a big change but nothing as bold as this. Also i wonder why it has taken Microsoft soon long to build its own PC hardware i mean hardware built by Redmond has hardly dissapointed, just take a look at the Xbox for example. Rumor has it that it wont stop at the surface with hardware, a Microsoft PC or maybe a Microsoft phone, well why not for a company that has everything.

October 26th is here to stay and I don’t believe we are going to have a vista moment. I strongly believe the October 26th innovation is here to stay for a long long time. I am part of this new revolution even though it took me a while to be convinced. My question is are you?
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