Windows 8 Tablet Released!

Microsoft Surface (The Windows 8 Tablet), Microsoft’s sharp-shooter move against today’s best tablets. CNET names this as “the best productivity tablet yet”, and it had better be. As the only Microsoft-branded Windows RT hardware to launch with the new operating system Windows 8, the tablet serves as a flagship device for the touch-centered Windows environment  The Surface exceeds some expectations, thanks to its slate type design, smart implementation of its keyboard add-on, and the innovations brought about by the interface most commonly known as the “Metro UI”.  With the main features of the tablet being the gesture-driven OS, the efficient search tool, and incredibly innovative and versatile split-screen feature, it looks like Microsoft actually may have revolutionized something instead of somebody just saying they did.

As always, there’s a price one has to pay for something better. Judging based on my interactions with devices based off of Windows 8, I I predict that some of you will find the Metro UI quite frustrating, especially trying to navigate and understand what it does. Additionally, apps support is quite low, performance (especially when using IE 10) is laggy at times, and like the old man trying to run track, the traditional Windows interface stops and goes at times, feeling quite weird I must say.

But for those who want a full fledged computer in the portability of a tablet, I completely recommend The Surface. It comes with different storage sizes, great customization options and add-ons, and the latest in Windows’s software it’s determined to leave you happy. Like I said in my Windows 8 Review. Although if you don’t accept change and the adaption to new things

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