Review – Zagg Invisible Shield (Full-Body) for iPodTouch 4G

Before I start this review , I would like to thank MobileFun for sending this out for review.

Invisible protection for mobile devices is the best option to add great protection and minimal bulk, while keeping the same great design of your mobile device.

Zagg are one of the main companies on the market for invisible protection and in this article, we shall be taking a look at the Zagg for the iPod Touch 4G, to see if you should buy the Zagg Invisible shield over the likes of the Bestskinsever or BodyGuards.

Worth the Purchase?: No

Where?: MobileFun

Price : £16.95

In the Box:

  • Front + Back shields
  • Large micro-fibre cloth
  • Rubberised squeegee
  • Installation instructions
  • Application solution spray

For installation tips go to

Applying the Zagg to the iPod Touch is quite a monotonous and melancholy task, but is made slightly easier as the application fluid, squeegee and micro-fibre cloth is included in the package, unlike the Bestskinsever.

Once applied leave for 24/48hours to set fully to your device.

During my reviewing period, I noticed that the Zagg still possess the orange peel affect, from previous Zagg’s , which I really dislike.The rear and the front shields applied alright but still posses some creases and air bubbles left after 24/48 hours of setting time.

The Zagg itself does not interfere wit the Retina display present on the iPod Touch and also adds a nice grip to the device because it has a nice rubberised feel to it in the hand. The Zagg also adds a small bit of bulk to the iPod Touch , so some cases will not fit the iPod Touch just right and may be abit tight.


Zagg used to be the best invisible protector, in my books but after using it for over two weeks , I can say that is no more. The installation is a pain, the orange peels affect really annoys me and air bubbles are still left after 2 weeks.

I would go out and buy a body-guardz or a Bestskinsever, they both dont the orange peel affect and the installation is easier but still takes 48 hours or so to set.

I had high expectations coming into this review but I was sadly let down .

5/10 – Ok product, but over-hyped, doesn’t apply to expectation, but definitely adds protection and a nice grip in the hand (I would recommend you purchase the Bestskinsever or BodyGuardz instead.)

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  • Great Protection, while keeping original iPod Touch design.
  • Nice grip in the hand
  • Doesn’t add a lot, if any bulk
  • Application solution , squeegee , installation instructions and micro-fibre cloth included
  • Nice packaging, well laid out.


  • Pain to apply and wait to set
  • Still has orange peel affect, like previous Zagg’s
  • Some air bubbles left behind , even after 2 weeks.


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