Review – Blaupunkt DJ 112 Headphones

  Before I start this review, I would like to thank MobileFun for sending this product out for review.

Many quality headphones these days are unfairly priced, like the Beats Solo by Dr.Dre, which are priced at 200euro and the Street by 50 at 179euro, but wouldn’t it be better to get quality headphones at a more pocket friendly price, well now you can. MobileFun are currently selling the Blaupunkt DJ112 headphones for only £32.99, which has been reduced from £79.99 for a limited time (at the time of this review).  Let’s see if these headphones are the right ones for you.

 Worth the Purchase? : Yes

Where? : MobileFun

Price: £32.99

 The packaging on the Blaupunkt DJ 112 headphones is quite attractive and well layed out , the headphones are also easily removed from the packaging.

The headphones have a striking vintage microphone design to them, along with the Blaupunkt branding,which looks quite nice indeed, I must say. The earcups themselves have the ability to rotate 35degress, which is always good as it gives you the ability to lift up your headphones to hear people talking to , while still enabling you to listening to your favorite music. Two adjusters are present on the headphones, which lets you resize the headphones to fit your head.

The earcups on the DJ 112 headphones are made from a pleather material , which look and feel very nice indeed , while making them very comfortable on your ears for long periods of time and wont make your ears sweat , which is always nice.

The sound quality of these headphones is quite amazing , the bass is nice and deep and the overall sound is quite warming indeed, which gives you a very nice overall experience while listening to music , watching movies or listening to the radio on the go.

The headphones come equipt with a fabircated cord(2.2m long), which will reduce the chance of breaking, while adding some style to your headphones and also comes with two 3.5mm jacks , one fits into your headphones and one into the audio jack of your media device.

The headband on the headphones is really nicely padded and is really comfortable as it is very plusy , one of the best headbands I’ve seen on headphones yet .


With great sound comes great reliability , the headphones are not only stylish but quite durable as I dropped these a few times and nothing has happened, no scratches and no scuffs, Im very impressed. The sound is another up point as it really quite nice and gives you the best entertainment experience. The price is very good at the moment and if I were you , I’d take a change and snatch a pair , while the deal lasts.


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