Review – iPen Touch Screen Stylus

Before I start this review, I would like to thank MobileFun for sending this out for review.

If you own a tablet, a stylus is one of the ideal accessories for you. It is very easy to play games, navigate through their tablet and type messages without using your fingers . Mobile Fun have a very nice and affordable stylus called the iPen, which is very sensitive , light and stylish . In this article we shall see if this stylus is worth you purchasing this festive seaqson.

Worth the purchase? : Yes

Price : £9.99

Where?: MobileFun

Main Features

  •     Budget end price
  •     Ultra-light aluminium body
  •     Increases typing accuracy
  •     Helps keep screen fingerprint and grease free
  •     Compatible with all capacitive screens

The iPen comes in is very cheap looking but is very well layed out. The iPen itself looks quite stylish and feels quite light in the hand. The iPen is constructed from a hard, black, glossy plastic and the tip is made from a fabric, so that it’s easy on your mobile devices screen.  At the top of the iPen you have a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter , which will enable you to attack the iPen to a mobile device with a 3.5mm headphone jack e.g. iPad, iPhone 5 or Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Scrolling thorough your device with the iPen is a very pleasing experience thanks to the iPen being so sensitive, it really is a great bargain for your device, must say /. This is by far the best stylus I’ve owned yet and at the price of only £9.99, you just can’t go wrong at this festive season. The iPen is also so sensitive that you can type messages to your friends and family very fast and accurately.

The iPen has some good and bad areas :


  • Nice Design
  • Very Light
  • Porta
  • Highly sensitive


  • Feels quite cheap
  • Headphone jack comes out to easily
  • Packing looks cheap

Rating 5/10 – Good product, but looks a bit cheap, while having a nice design. Worth a look if you’re on a budget.

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