Review: STM Harbour case for iPhone 5

Before starting this review, a huge thanks goes out to Jessica from KL Associates who sent out the STM Harbour case for the iPhone 5 to review from STM. The case I shall be reviewing will be the White one however there are other colours available.

The case is made out of a very high quality rubber material and looks absolutely stunning on the white iPhone 5 which is what I tested it on. The case itself fits perfectly on to the iPhone 5 and there is no chance that it would slide or fall out of the case whilst carrying it. The bottom of the case can “snap off” so the iPhone 5 can be docked/charged whilst still in the case. This is extremely useful since the headphone jack is on the bottom of the iPhone 5 and since the case snaps off all headphones are compatible with it. In addition, the bottom of the case has a cutout so you can still charge the phone whilst the phone is in the case. The cut out shows the headphone socket, the lightning port and the speakers/mic so you get crisp clear phone quality whilst the phone is in the case. The case doesn’t block any of the essential buttons either. There is a cutout at the top of the case revealing the home button and on the left side of the case revealing the mute switch and volume buttons. This is again very useful as it means you can quickly mute your phone without having to take it out of the case. There is also a cutout on the back of the case showing the camera and flash. In testing, the case didn’t block any of the flash light so the camera was still fully useable.

The Harbour case that I reviewed is a “White and Grey” colour and features the STM logo on the back of it just under the camera cutout. As I stated earlier, the case is made out of a very high quality rubber material which provides a lot of protection In the unfortunate chance of the iPhone 5 falling out of your pocket the case should provide adequate protection to avoid damage. Another quick positive is that the front of the case is slightly raised from the iPhone 5 screen just like the Bumper case from Apple. This is a great design feature as when you put the case face down the screen won’t get scratched or dusty. Now let’s get on to some negatives of the case. Firstly, I am not sure if this is an issue with other colours but the white on the back of my case slowly started to fade and has since turned into a light grey colour. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the case in any way whatsoever however does make the case look slightly less appealing. It is only noticeable when the phone is in the case in your hand and not from further. I only placed the case on wood tables and on general every day surfaces so it’s definitely not an issue with my handling of the case. However, as I have already stated, I am not sure if the other colours have this issue.

Below is a quick summary of the STM Harbour case.


  • Great looking case with a great rubbery feel.
  • The raised front of the case so the iPhone screen doesn’t get scratched if the screen is placed flat on a table or other surface.
  • The back of the case is rubber so the iPhone doesn’t slide around when put on a table or some other slanted surface.
  • There are cutouts for the camera, flash, lightning connector, headphones jack and the speaker/mic’s.


  • The white back of the case has slightly faded from white into a grey colour making it look less attractive.
  • The case is slightly expensive for what it actually is.
Some pictures of the case in my iPhone 5 white are available to view below.

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Overall, the STM Harbour case is an absolutely awesome looking case for the iPhone 5. It is available from Amazon for £24.99 which in my opinion is completely worth it. I would recommend this case to anyone who has a iPhone 5. Overall, I would rate this case a 8.5/10. The slight colour change does let it down slightly but overall, its a great deal. A huge thanks goes out to KL Associates  for supplying this case to review. Feel free to comment below on what case you currently have on your phone and feel free to share the review using the social media buttons on the left.

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