Phones4u Infographic on Smartphone Disasters

A smartphone disaster is very commonplace nowadays, from accidentally dropping it in water to the bizarre case of a seagull flying off with it. Phones4u have released a useful infographic about such smartphone disasters which is shown below:





Smartphone Disasters infographic from Phones 4u
Smartphone Disasters – brought to you by UK mobile phone retailers Phones 4u, home of great mobile phone deals.

Some of the disasters mentioned above  are quite “bizarre”, for example, your phone being blasted away far by fireworks or the curious case of a seagull flying off with it. Some of them are more commonplace, like accidentally dropping it in the toilet or a mop bucket. I think we can all agree with the Infographic in that the Nokia 3310 is definitely one of, if not the toughest mobile phone ever made. Remember how good the battery life was and not forgetting playing snake on that beautiful 84 x 48 pure monochrome display!

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

So what do you guys think of the Infographic? Can you relate to any of the disasters above? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • Very interesting! But I can honestly say these accidents still aren’t even remotely as bizarre as certain screws 😉

  • NaijaMan

    Great article dude. I can definitely relate to the ‘ceremonial dropping’ of the phone in the toilet bowl lol. My current phone, the HTC Incredible S, has dropped in water twice, once in the toilet, the other in a bowl of water but still lives to this day (after a day’s drying out on the heater haha). As for the weird mishaps where a seagull takes a phone, now that is something else, though not uncommon in certain areas of the world but rarely heard of. I find it funny they mention people with tattoos are 37% more accident prone with their phone in this infographic.

  • Great looking infographic and pretty interesting stuff! I agree with the Nokia 3310 being the most robust. Bar my iPhones, it’s the best phone I ever had. Slightly bemused by the “Drilled a hole through it” excuse. I mean how the heck do you ‘accidentally’ drill a ruddy hole, well ..through anything? HA!

  • That image is great! How can you drill a hole in your phone? LOL

  • Very well written article PD. This is interesting but everyone is going to make accidents and it is unavoidable that at some stage we will drop our phones, may that be the phone in a case or without. Keep up the articles PD. 😉

  • smokedbyinkyung<3

    lol my hamster sat on my note 1 screen and it broke in the top corner. where is the best place for cheap repair? english speakers preferred