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Since getting my iPhone back in March, I have been wanting somewhere to put it that was a bit better than just lying on my desk. Then with rumours (which turned out to be true) about a new connector being introduced by Apple, and my desire to sometime have Android again, I didn’t want to get a ‘Dock’ that would then be useless when I upgrade. Fast forward a few months to Christmas, and I got an iPad Mini (which is a brilliant device by the way, but that is another review) so I now wanted something that could cater for both devices. That’s when I remembered the BlueLounge Nest.

The Nest in simple terms is a multi-position stand for your iPad/iPhone/Android Phone or Table/etc… It is a very simple design, a wedge shape that is hollow creating a tray which you can use to hold… things! The blue part of the Nest (which is also available in other colours) is a grippy rubberised material that will comfortably hold the iPad or iPhone in either Horizontal or Vertical orientation. The angle that the iPad sits horizontally is just about the perfect typing angle, and with the ipad slightly raised it feels quite comfortable to type on.

BlueLounge Nest - Side on

Side on View (Slider Extended)

The rubber is grippy enough to hold my iPad Mini in place with the Smart Cover flipped round to the back, and my iPhone in its case (see pictures), so I don’t think you would have any issues using a device in a case.

Holding iPad Mini

Holding iPad Mini

There is also a slide out piece at the front of the Nest which can be used to prop up the iPad/iPhone/other device at a good angle for media playback, or to just generally glance at (twitter etc…)

This is where there is a slight drawback when using this with the iPad Mini. Due to the reduced size of the bezels on the sides of the iPad Mini, the slider ever so slightly, covers part of the screen when used in horizontal mode, most likely because it was designed and produced before the iPad Mini existed. However it is very slight, and would probably not cause any issue in real world usage.

Slider Holding iPad Mini Horizonatally

Slider Holding iPad Mini Horizonatally

The slider does come out wider than the iPad Mini, and again comfortably takes it with its smart cover on, and the same with my iPhone. However depending on the thickness of you phone/tablet with or without a case it may not fit. For reference the width of the gap to fit your device in is approximately 12mm.

Holding iPhone Vertically

Slider Holding iPhone Vertically

Overall this product is perfect for my needs, it gives me somewhere to pop my iDevices whilst I am at work that I feel much happier about than just leaving them on my desk. If you are after a place to pop an iPad, Nexus 7, or any other tablet I would definitely recommend this product.

For more information about the Nest and other BlueLounge products please visit their website here –

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