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As EA and Firemint get set to release the latest in the Real Racing series in the UK and USA, we go hands on to see if it lives up to its predecessors and some of the other App Store Racing Gems.






The first place to start in this review, is the pricing. Real Racing 3 is a free game.

More accurately RR3 is ‘freemium’, a free game where the Devs use In App Payments (IAP) to make the money. This isn’t a new idea, but it being implemented on such a high profile franchise as this is something of a head turner.

My Cars

My Cars

Basically the game uses two in game currencies; R$ and Gold Coins. R$ are used to purchase upgrades, new cars, and pay for services to be done (fix a bumper, fill up oil etc), which all take time to deliver or perform. This is where the gold coins come in, basically you can use your coins to deliver/repair instantly. You get R$ by competing in races, and gold coins by ‘ leveling up’. Although you can purchase both types of currency through the store, by using real money. You can also get Gold Coins for ‘Free’, by liking on Facebook, following on Twitter, or doing certain tasks. Also available in the store are ‘Packs’ which unlock certain cars and races depending on which one you purchase.


IAP – R$

This method of freemium gameplay works OK  and once you have more than one car you won’t really need it, as you can just switch cars until the work is done. Unfortunately until you have the second car you can be left sometimes with a two hour wait before you can drive again! (I serviced everything on the car, which means you can’t drive – upgrades you can carry on). I have been playing the game for around 2 weeks, and I am getting more gold coins from leveling up than I am spending. Basically meaning that I can play this game for free. However If you want to play the game as a more ‘hard core’ gamer, I generally have played for around 30 mins to an hour at a time, then you may find you use these coins more often to speed everything up.

Gameplay and Visuals

There’s no doubt that thus game is gorgeous. The tracks and cars look fantastic, the clip below from TouchArcade shows this much better than I can:


To start with RR3 is basically a tilt to steer game, with auto brake, traction control and steer assist all set you don’t have to do much but point it at the corner! These can all be removed or the level of assist lower, making a much higher level of skill required.

In Game Snapshot 1

In Game Snapshot 1

New to this game is Time Shifted Multiplayer, TSM,which is basically how it sounds. As long as you are online and have Game Center, your opponents are real people but who raced at a different time, as Touch Arcade said “Think Ghost Mode with AI” This could be 30 minutes ago or two months. You can also compete against your Game Center friends if they are playing too. If you’re not online, then you get the standard AI opponents, which is handy if you are struggling to get a trophy in a particular race.

Once you get a higher spec car, for example a Porsche GT3 RS (my third car) the upgrades and repair do get more expensive. However the amount won from each event still seems to be the same as the lower tiers, therefore meaning it takes longer to get those upgrades, and win the harder races with that car. Also the car seems to need servicing more often, mainly the oil! Whilst this can get annoying, you always have the other cars that you can hop into and race! It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t actually have to service the car, but its performance will deteriorate if you don’t!

Repair wait time

Repair wait time

Wrap up

I have played NFS: Most Wanted and Asphalt 7, but I have to say that Real Racing 3 outshines them all. The graphics, gameplay  upgrades, number of tracks, and number of cars are just unbeatable. Being able to buy a “pack” of cars as well really helps with those wanting to unlock a lot at the same time. The fact that the game is free on top of this is just incredible.

Easily a 5 Star game

Real Racing 3 is currently available for Free in the Australian, New Zealand and Canada App Store, and worldwide on the 28th Feb. It is compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod Touch 4th Gen/5th Gen, iPad 2/3rd Gen/4th Gen and iPad Mini. It requires iOS version 4.3 or later.



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