Review: STM Ranger Bag
Before starting this review a huge thanks goes to KLAssociates for providing the STM Ranger Bag for review.


The STM Ranger is a robust all purpose laptop backpack which includes a 13 inch removable laptop sleeve. The STM Ranger is a perfect solution for your day-to-day commute or for a weekend trip. Retailing between £85 and £100 this bag is definitely has a premium high quality feel to it.

What do you get in the packaging:

  • The Bag itself
  • A removable 13inch laptop sleeve
  • A raincoat to protect the bag in the rain


The bag itself has an extremely high quality feel to it. It’s made out of an extremely high quality material. My very extensive testing with this bag actually involved using it as my main hand carriage on my holiday. The bag is still in perfect condition after arrirving back from Dubai. There are no torn parts or any sign of damage. The bag is extremely versatile and can easily fit into a small area. The STM Ranger bag comes with a raincoat which is stored in the bottom section of the bag. The raicoat itself is extremely easy to remove and place over the bag itself. As you can probably imagine though, I didn’t have to use the rain cover in Dubai!


The STM Ranger bag is extremely durable. In my journey to Dubai, I actually took both my laptop and iPad using this bag. I did indeed use both of these items onboard the plane to pass time on the journey. There was absolutely no issue with carrying the STM Ranger through airport security or onboard the plane. The bag was searched at the airport but due to the easy access latch on the front of the bag, searching the bag doesn’t mean removing all of it’s contents. The bag fitted snugly into the overhead lockers on the plane. When I was using the laptop and iPad, I placed the bag under the seat infront of me. I also had no issue doing this whatsoever either. The bag is extremely durable and will easily last a long time for anyone using it for their daily needs.

Interior Sectioning

The STM Ranger bag comes with a removable laptop sleeve to carry and protect your laptop in when it is stored in the bag. The sleeve I received with mine was 13 inch however due to my laptop being 16.4 inch it didn’t fit. However, with the large bag you can get larger sleeves up to 17 inch. However, my laptop did fit into the bag snugly without the sleeve. The inside of the bag contains a soft nylex iPad / tablet pocket. The pocket is extremely soft and would protect your iPad or any other tablet even without a case. Even with an iPad and laptop in the bag there is still plenty of space to include charger’s, headphones, book’s and other accessories. The bag is more than large enough for the average consumer.

Pro’s & Cons

Below is a quick summary of the STM Ranger


  • Very durable and secure.
  • Soft internal padding so no damage to any items inside the bag
  • Has a raincoat to keep the bag dry when using it outside


  • Slightly pricey but the quality of the bag clearly justifies the price of the bag


Below are some pictures of the bag

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The STM Ranger comes in 4 different sizes and three different colours. I received the “Small Bondi Blue” bag to review.  The following sizes are available:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The following colours are also available:

  • Mustard
  • Graphite
  • Bondi Blue


Overall, the STM Ranger is definitely worth the purchase. It is an extremely useful and durable product and in my view, definitely worth the purchase. The STM Ranger is an ideal bag suitable for anyone wanting a stylish way to protect and transport your technology. The Ranger is available from Amazon for £92.50. Overall, I would rate the bag at a 9.8/10. Thanks for checking out the review of the STM Ranger. feel free to comment down below on how you carry your gadgets when your out and about. Also, feel free to share this article on the various Social Media Sites.

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