New Facebook Chat Introduced- Speech Bubbles Added to User Chat

Facebook is about to unveil a major revamp to the newsfeed and also add a big feature called Graph Search.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the new Facebook chat bubbles and I just saw this after logging in.

New Facebook Chat

New Facebook Chat

Has yours changed yet? What do you guys think of this new style?

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  • I think their aim is to make the design similar to a mobile device… In which case they seem to be succeeding so far! 🙂

  • I haven’t gotten it yet. I never get new features on Facebook early.

  • smokedbyinkyung<3

    I have always refused to join facebook but you have changed my mind after i read this highly detailed and informative article, i wish there were more blogs like yours that actually went into detail about things.

    Please keep up the work, im sure you will be ceo of a tech company by next year

  • I have still the old version. My country always get late updates!!

  • NaijaMan

    A cameo in the screenshot by yours truly :P… but I am yet to get this too lol.

  • mine’s still the old version. i want it to get updated already!! 😀 hahaha.

  • i still dont have the new facebook speech bubble chat ?

  • I HATE the message ones. So do my friends. I have seen two posts asking how to turn them off. How do I do this?

  • Sinju Kaname

    i still have the old version… how can i change it?

  • shahdill khan rajput

    i want new facebook chat please harry up

  • Bilal Ahmed

    i want new facebook chat please harry up

  • Cassie Graves

    Still stuck with classic but everyone else I know has the bubbles.

  • ACuh C ANj Delima

    how to make my chat box into bubble chat?

  • James Hobbs

    speech bubble chat is shit i want old chat back